How to Use Answer the Public to Grow Your Website Traffic?

Keyword research is the fundamental strategy in SEO. Every content writer wants to rank top in the search engine and get more traffic to their website. Using relevant keywords you can target the right audience and turn them into potential customers.

There are a lot of keywords research tools available in the market. Unlike Semrush or other keyword research tools, answer the public will not give average searches, traffic or the competition data.

Then what this keyword tool is used for?

Let's dive in to see what is answer the public, why it is unique, how it helps to rank high and grow traffic. 

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What is Answer the Public?

Answer the Public is the visual keyword research tool that generates user language phrases and questions as an image data. It is the most effective tool to discover what people are searching in the search engines like Google and Bing. 

As per their tagline "discover what people are asking about", they provide directly what customers ask for. This tool provides the natural and user intent keywords to boost your SEO and generate traffic.

When you run out of ideas, use answer the public to generate a lot of content ideas and topics to write. When you use this tool constructively. it helps to generate a lot of organic & paid traffic and also increase your conversion rate of your landing page.

What is answer the public

When you visit their site, you can see a man staring at you. If you take long time to type, he seems like saying enter the keyword here.

If you enter a topic or keyword in the search bar, you get 5 categories of keyword results as 

  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons
  • Alphabetical
  • Related

You can choose the country and language for the search

When I enter a topic 'affiliate marketing', I get different question keywords as 5Ws, how, can, are and will.

Then prepositions like for, is, to, with, without, can; comparisons words like versus, or, vs etc ; alphabetical and related keywords.

All these keywords are presented visually and in the form of data. 

You can download these list in the CSV format and use them later.

4 Ways to Use Answer the Public to Grow Your Website Traffic

Answer the public gives what people are searching on the internet. When you create content for the user, you obviously generate more traffic. With the help of this tool you will be able to know your audience better and create quality content for them.

Let's see how to use this tool effectively and grow your website traffic.

Answer the Public Keyword Research

As I mentioned earlier, keyword research is the basic for search engine optimization.

For example, your seed keyword or main topic is Instagram growth. Enter the keyword and you find all the questions related to the seed keyword as visual data

  1. Why has my Instagram growth stopped
  2. What is organic Instagram growth
  3. What is Instagram growth hacking
  4. How to calculate Instagram growth rate
  5. How to grow Instagram followers

and many more questions asked by the user is directly available to you.

Take these questions and use it as your target keyword and create a blog post.

Let's say you want to write "11 new ideas on how to grow Instagram followers in 2020"

Go to Ubersuggest or any other keyword tools like keywords everywhere, Google keyword Planner, etc to find the traffic, average searches and competition.

I use Jaaxy keyword research tool. It gives the average search result from all the search engines and considers global traffic.  

There are other tools like You can optimize keywords for paid traffic too. Use user intent long-tail keywords or phrases to get more clicks and traffic.

According to Ubersuggest, average CPC for how to grow Instagram followers is $1.45 and paid difficulty is 34. This keyword seems to be good fit for paid traffic too.

How to Use Answer the Public in Your Content Strategy

After choosing the right target keyword you need to create a quality and engaging content for your audience.

Make your content outstanding by adding value. You will attract large traffic when you provide useful and helpful content for your website visitors.

Check out the questions and phrases related to the target keywords. Pick up the suitable ones and include all those topics in the content.

Here you can get the possible sub-topics from the results.

  1. Why has my Instagram growth stopped
  2. How to calculate Instagram growth rate
  3. Instagram growth for business
  4. Instagram growth without follow and unfollow
  5. Instagram growth and monetization

Take each one as the sub-heading and write in-depth detail content. You can also use some user language phrases in your answer.

Sprinkle related keywords which are relevant and necessary within the content. Use the keywords in the internal and external links. This will naturally help to build links within your content.

Now your content is filled with all the information that user wants and also a lot of related keywords for the search engines. This will make your page to rank high and you will drive huge amount of traffic.

Answer the public is the goldmine for bloggers. It gives tons of topic ideas to write. Create valuable and useful content for untapped keywords asked by the users.

If you are into affiliate marketing, you have quite an opportunity to write fresh content on products and services that your audiences are looking for. This gives you more traffic and in turn huge affiliate sales.

4 Ways to drive more traffic to your website using Answer the Public

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How to Get on Google's Featured Snippet

When you type a keyword in Google, in the search engine result page (SERP) you get defined answer in a box. This gives you the quick glance of result in the form of a snippet.

Featured snippet on the SERP is in the form of a definition or a list or a table.

When I type in the Google 'how to grow your Instagram', I get the list of items. The author listed the number of ways on how to grow Instagram. Google picks all the heading(H2) from the content and listed on the snippet.

When you follow the right SEO techniques and add the user intent phrases or questions in the headings (H2) with appropriate content, you will be featured on the top of the search engine result.

This will position you as an authority in your niche. ​When you get featured on the Google snippet, you drive a lot traffic to your website.

Nowadays searches are performed through voice. Using the natural language of the user, you can optimize for voice search. Answer the public is the best companion for those who provide valuable content for users. 


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) gives you a lot of opportunity to be placed on the first page of Google especially when you write reviews. Answer the public gives a lot of question phrases for the seed keyword. Use them in the FAQ section.

When you type a topic in Google, you could see 'people also ask' section. You can use those questions too in FAQ.

4 Ways to drive more traffic to your website using Answer the Public

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Here is a video from Search Listening on How to use Search Listening is the official educational partner for answer the public. They provided complete guide on how to use this tool more effectively.

Answer the Public Pro Plan Benefits

They provide two type of plans as starter and the pro.

In the free or starter version, you have limited searches per day. There aren't fixed number but mostly not more than 3 searches. In the trail run they give only limited keyword ideas.

Pro plan costs $99 per month and if you go for annual payment it costs $79 per month.

In the paid subscription you get

  1. Unlimited free keyword searches
  2. If you are a team, all your team members can access. They give unlimited user search.
  3. You can get language and location based search results. When you type a keyword, you can select the country and the specific language like Spanish etc.
  4. You can download the search result as CSV file and use it anytime later.
  5. They provide high resolution visual data images
  6. Search listening alerts for 2 keywords
  7. You can compare the data over time
  8. They hide unwanted sections and suggestions from the result
  9. Priority customer support
  10. You get educational resources like E-book and videos worth $248

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Final Word

This cool keyword research tool helps individual bloggers, freelancers and agencies to build a better content strategy. It helps to optimize content for the user language.

You got a chance to utilize this awesome tool for better keyword search and create quality useful content for your audience. Totally, answer the public helps you to boost your organic traffic without being an expert in SEO.

If you still not using this efficient tool, go ahead and sign up for the free trail.

Are you using Answer the Public? Share your experience in the comment section. 

10 Responses to “How to Use Answer the Public to Grow Your Website Traffic?

  • Hi, I’m just starting in the blog world and all this information is just amazing. I have just tested it and this tool seems to be very good indeed and all that we need to help us to grow our traffic. We hear all the time about SEO and how important it is but have a tool like that can make all the difference and as you said it can make all this SEO thing less complicated 🙂

    I think what I liked the most is that it is very visual but you also can export it to a separate file. That’s really great.

    Thank you for sharing it in so much details. It is in my bookmark now.

    • Definitely, Answer the Public is the best tool for finding SEO keyword especially for beginners. Hope you will use it for growing your traffic. All the best for your blogging journey.

  • Thanks for this amazing information. I am going to give the free membership a try for sure. I use Jaxxy at present for my keyword research, however, the more platforms available to help grow traffic the better. Thanks again for a great post. I will let you know how I get on.

    • Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool to find low hanging keywords. I ranked for many keywords using Jaaxy. Answer the public is a compliment tool where you get user intent phrases and questions to use as a keyword and in the content.

  • I’ve heard about Answer the Public tool but completely forgot about it, so thanks for the reminder. I can see the resemblance with Google’s “People Also Ask” feature, which is great. I think both tools are quite handy for SEOs and other people that use Search Engines to get or share information. I’ll be getting more familiar with Ask The Public in the next few days. Thanks again.

    • Hey Ivan, hope you start using Answer the Public soon. It is the best tool for finding long-tail user intent keywords which are best for SEO.

  • Hi Kavitha,

    This is a really informative and insightful article. Answer the public sounds like a really good keyword research tool, and it’s great that they have a free starter membership so we can test out the product. I agree with you that keyword research when it comes to SEO is so important. I started out using Google Keyword Planner, and then I learned about a tool called Jaaxy which is really good too. But, there is no end to learning about keyword research and SEO, and I believe that with the new tools coming out, we should at least give them a try.

    I will let you know how I get on with answer the public and I will give my own review of it.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


    • Thanks Tom. Google keyword planner is a good tool for beginners. When you want to improve your SEO it is better to try different tools that suit your business needs. Semrush would be a great SEO tool for any online business. In terms of keyword, Answer the public is definitely a game-changer. I wish you use this tool and write about it. Good luck.

  • What is answer the public how to grow your website traffic using it is a great article people should read, I do use this site from time to time myself as well. I like most using the free version to get an idea what people are interested in knowing, and when you know what people are interested in you to know what to provide them which results in more traffic

    Great article very helpful


    • Thank you, Jeff. Answer the public is a great tool to understand what people want and we can provide a solution for it. Therefore it brings traffic to us which is a win-win.

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