Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money – A Honest Review From the User

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money?

You have landed to this page because you heard about wealthy affiliate and wanted to find out is Wealthy Affiliate worth it for you or not.

Since many people promote Wealthy Affiliate, there are many overrated, much-hyped and biased reviews found on the internet. Here I am going to share my honest opinion, whether Wealthy Affiliate is really worth the hype and money.

You must keep in mind that this is not a quick rich scheme. Affiliate marketing is a journey where you learn and grow your business. 

To become an affiliate marketer you need to be commitment and willingness to learn.

You need to spend time and  put effort to grow your online business. 

In this review, I am going to tell you

  • What is Wealthy Affiliate?
  • 2 ways to make money from Wealthy Affiliate
  • Whether Wealthy affiliate is worth it for you or not

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What is Wealthy Affiliate ?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an Affiliate training platform with the community of 1.5 million members.

It is created by Kyle and Carson in 2005. It is the all-in-one platform where you get affiliate marketing training, hosting platform, research tools, online community and many more.

They give you 7-day free trail membership to explore their platform. If you are satisfied and want to take further training and build business then you can pay and become premium member.

When you sign-up the wealthy affiliate login for the  7-day free trial membership you will get:

  1. One FREE Website
  2. Online entrepreneur certification (10 lessons)
  3. Live chat and instant support
  4. Keyword Research Tool ( 30 Keywords)
  5. Affiliate Bootcamp Training (10 lessons)

Features and Benefits

Training Platform

Wealthy Affiliate review

There are 2 types of training 

Online entrepreneurship certification

This has 5 phases each with 10 lessons.

As a free member, you get the first phase with 10 lessons for free. Get started with the lesson, create your own website absolutely free!

You need to go for a premium to unlock the rest of the lessons. In the later phases, you will learn how to build traffic, mastering social engagement and making money techniques.

Affiliate Bootcamp

Bootcamp training has 70 lessons where they teach you to promote Wealthy Affiliate in make money online niche.

It is not necessary that you should take bootcamp course and create website on money making niche.

There are a lot people who built niche based affiliate website and making money. My first website is a parenting website. I just followed the training and got decent traffic and made money.

Hosting and Domain

Along with the training, Wealthy Affiliate provides you hosting and domain platform called Siterubix. You can build your affiliate website right away with just one click.

If you are beginner, this is the easy way to create website rather than watching hours of YouTube videos and struggle. Either you own a domain or have a free domain like

When you feel like getting your own domain you can buy anytime.

Usually other web hosting services costs around $100 - $150 annually. This platform gives you hosting, training, writing platform, keyword tool, networking community all in one place for $495 per year.

Keyword Research

They provide you the amazing keyword research tool called Jaaxy. Compare to other keyword research tool, I find this gives better result. The result is based on average searches from all the search engines considering global traffic.

In the training, you will learn how to find the right SEO keyword, 'Alphabet soup' method, etc using Jaaxy.

With the free account in WA, you get up to 30 SEO keywords from the jaaxy tool. If you have a premium account, you get unlimited keywords!

They teach how to create a keyword-rich content which helps to get more traffic to your website. And there is much more valuable information available in this online entrepreneur certification course.

Content Platform

This the ultimate writing platform where it helps you to create quality content. Using sitecontent, you can build and organize your content.

This helps to set and track your writing goals. You can improve your writing abilities by comparing the content with other people in the WA community.

What I love in the sitecontent is

  1. It corrects your grammar and spelling mistakes right away.
  2. There is a plagiarism checker which identifies the duplicate content.
  3. To build content they provide templates which help to structure the content and write more words.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

Wealthy affiliate is the most helpful community available 24/7.

There are many super successful affiliate marketing members who share their knowledge and support the other wealthy affiliate members.

You will get answers for even silly questions. You can communicate and network with millions of online entrepreneurs within the community.

Website Comments and feedback

This is the most awesome part found in the WA community.

Once you finish posting your article you can share your post link and get comments from other members. You need to return back comments for the members who provide comments.

This makes your post engaging and helps to create backlinks. This will help you to get more organic traffic for your website.

Similarly, website feedback can be done among the community members. You need to provide website feedback for others and in turn, you can ask for your website. This helps to identify the unknown mistakes on your website and rectify it.

There are still many more features available and the list goes on!

Affiliate Program Search

Here is a quick search for the affiliate programs to generate revenue with ease. You can search the best affiliate programs in the world across a vast range of popular niches in seconds.

Trending, top rated, high commission affiliate programs are listed in the front for the easy search and to sign up in few minutes.

Check out the below video for wealthy affiliate walk through and how can you benefit from it.

How Much Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Product Name:

Wealthy Affiliate

Product Type:

Affiliate Marketing Training Program 


FREE Trial membership for 7 days

$19 for the first month Premium Upgrade

$49 for Monthly Premium Upgrade

$495 for Yearly Premium Membership 

$995 for Yearly Premium PLUS Membership


If you are a beginner or struggling to make money in Affiliate Marketing, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you!

Does Wealthy Affiliate Make you Money?

There are two ways you can utilize the Wealthy affiliate program and make money.

  1. Creating a niche website
  2. Promoting wealthy affiliate

Create a Niche Website

With the 50 lessons from online certification program, you can create a niche website and become a successful affiliate marketer. Select the right profitable niche and create content.

Every lesson in the program guides you throughout your affiliate marketing journey. You get all the support and tools from the vast wealthy affiliate community.

Promote Wealthy Affiliate

When you join wealthy affiliate, you get the privilege of becoming an affiliate partner. You can use the affiliate links and banners to promote wealthy affiliate.

They provide affiliate bootcamp training which is a 7 Phase course having 70 lessons. Wealthy affiliate teaches how to create and establish a business in the money-making niche where you can promote them and other related affiliate products.

I took advantage of this training and used the techniques from affiliate bootcamp to develop my parenting (niche) website as well as to promote wealthy affiliate.

The lessons provided in these 7 phases helped me to grow my online business and to make the best income.

Become a successful Affiliate Marketer with Wealthy Affiliate!

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Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Absolutely, wealthy affiliate is not a scam! According to me, it is one of the best legit online business training program helping people to make money online.

I see a few people leaving wealthy affiliate earlier and blaming it as a scam. It is not a get quick rich program where you can become a billionaire overnight.

Every business takes time and hard work to achieve success. This is applicable to affiliate marketing too.

The best way to avoid quitting earlier is to join the yearly premium membership of wealthy affiliate. It will take at least a year for building a website, create content and grow the affiliate website into shape.

The Premium Yearly is going to include:

  • Free .com Domain. You get domain credits for a .com domain when you upgrade.
  • $50 in Community Credits. You can use these credits towards the SiteComments/SiteFeedback platforms at Wealthy Affiliate so you can get engagement on your website, and website audits.
  • $93 discount on paying month to month (Essentially buying 10 months, getting 2 months free)
  • Founders Kyle and Carson's exclusive Video Bonus

What Wealthy Affiliate Gives For Newbies?

For a newbie who does not have a website, WA provides a free website for you.

If you already have a WordPress website, you can still take advantage of getting free websites from WA and other basic setups

  1. WA lessons teach you how to set up your website and customize themes & pages, how to add basic plugins, creating menu, etc.
  2. Basic SEO settings, Google Analytics & Google Console Setup and many more.
  3. How to create content that will help you make money over and over.
  4. Keyword research training to get free traffic forever
  5. Complete plan on how to make money as an entrepreneur

Key takeaways

Deciding on whether to join this program to start and grow you online business depends on few things.

  • If you are not willing to take effort, be patient and work persistently, then this program is not for you
  • Looking for quick rich, this is not your right place.
  • Don't have money to invest in the training and to build website, then this is not for you.
  • If you are discouraged and lose interest easily, it's not for you.

To be honest, affiliate Marketing is not for everyone. You need commitment and be determinant to learn. Then you will start making money.

Free affiliate marketing guide - HOW TO BECOME AFFILIATE MARKETER  STEP BY STEP 

Who Should Join Wealthy Affiliate?

  • New to Affiliate Marketing? Definitely, this is the must join online course for you! You can learn affiliate marketing step by step in detail. Every lesson explains each step in depth which enables you to start your online business right away.
  • If you are already into Affiliate Marketing and struggling to make money, then this course is for you.
  • Are  you an expert in affiliate marketing and earning some great money? Then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you.

Become a successful Affiliate Marketer with Wealthy Affiliate!

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Does wealthy affiliate make you money?

Yes, Wealthy affiliate teaches how to earn with affiliate marketing. You can also earn money by promoting wealthy affiliate. 


Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid scheme?

No, it is not a pyramid scheme. It is an affiliate marketing platform helps to start and make money with affiliate marketing website.


Is Wealthy Affiliate Free?

Wealthy Affiliate has free trial for 7 days. You need to pay $19 for the first month when you upgrade to the premium membership. After the first month, the monthly fee is $49 and the yearly fee is $495.


Who is wealthy affiliate for

Wealthy affiliate is for anyone who wants to make passive income online or want to make extra cash full-time or part time.

You get tons of value from Wealthy Affiliate. To my knowledge, there is no other affiliate training program gives so much value to their customer.

Still not convinced? Sign up for free trail and experience the greatness of the online entrepreneurship community.

Wealthy Affiliate

$495 / Year










  • Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Unlimited training and Live Classes
  • Keyword research tools
  • Network with millions of entrepreneurs
  • 24/7 Live support


  • Does not have in-depth training on SEO
  • Availability of vast training and webinars

10 Responses to “Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money – A Honest Review From the User

  • Marjie Mare
    1 year ago

    I am glad I read your post today. I am looking to find some affiliate for my blog.

    • Kavitha
      1 year ago

      Nice. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start affiliate marketing.

  • Kavitha,

    I love the visuals in your post it very engaging. I really like the upfront approach and the benefits and costs and time line you might incur. Nice job! Would love a review of my latest post too.

    Thank you

  • Jamaar sampson
    1 year ago

    Love this truly sounds like an amazing product!

  • Hi Kavitha, that was a very informative post, a must read for all potential affiliate marketers. Having the best training is vital for any new marketer and it must be affordable. looking at your chart Wealthy Affiliate is within most people’s budget.

    I liked your use of visuals to get your point across.

    Thanks again for the info,

  • You have explained Wealthy Affiliate very well. I like the fact that they give so much value for free for 7 days not to mention the many hours of training they offer as a Premium Member.

    If you really want to be successful online you have to educate yourself. You are not going to be able to watch free youtube videos and turn that into success, because there is just too much to learn.

    Wealthy affiliate seems to keep up to date with training which is good because many similar platforms do not do a good job once you pay for the training to keep it updated. That alone is worth the cost.

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome review.

    • Kavitha
      1 year ago

      Thanks, Nate! You get everything in a single platform. Right from training, website, support, knowledge everything in a single place. Wealthy affiliate is sure worth the money.

  • Charles
    1 year ago

    There are so many information about Affiliate Marketing on the internet but it’s not completed, WA seems having a completed learning system and everyone can set up their own website by following a step by step guide clearly, and the price is worthy, thanks for offering this helpful info:)

    • Kavitha
      1 year ago

      Definitely! Wealthy affiliate is the best platform for beginners to start and grow the online business.

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