Thrive Architect Review and Tutorial(2021)

Thrive architect review

In this post, I am going to review about my favorite WordPress plugin Thrive Architect. After using it for almost a year, I decided to share my experience and how helpful it is.

In this Thrive architect review 2020, you will understand everything about this plugin and decide whether it is a right choice for you.

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Thrive architect review

What is Thrive Architect?

Basically, Thrive Architect is a visual page builder helps to build your WordPress page professionally and conversion focused. It is the replacement of thrive's first page builder called Thrive content builder. They often upgrade the plugin to provide a great user experience.

Within a year they have released so many updates. Recently updated version 2.4.6 provides more new elements, new integration, and a couple of advanced features that improves an already powerful tool.






Why Should You Get Thrive Architect? 

You might think why you need a separate page builder plugin to design your web page.

 If you are into the online business, it is important to create a stunning and visually impressive web page to grab the attention of your visitors and make them stay and engage with your page. This will automatically increase your sales and conversion rate.

Here comes one of the best plugin which helps you to create stylish and conversion focused page.

This simple, yet powerful drag and drop tool helps to add the elements and build a beautiful page & layout quickly. With the pre-built conversion elements, build an impressive and interactive content and give a great user experience.

Coming to landing page, there are 325 beautifully designed and 100% conversion focused landing page templates that come bundled with Thrive Architect.

There are diverse stunning sales page, lead generation, opt-in and webinar page templates are available to use. 

Just drag and drop the page, fill in the content and publish. It is as simple as that. Of course, you can play with the elements and customize to make the page more effective and efficient based on your need.

It does not involve any coding, simple to use and saves a lot of time designing the page. You need not spend any money for advanced designers.

Who knows, you probably end up becoming a great designer without involved in coding. But if you wish to customize, you do have an option to add your own CSS-style.

One of the big advantage of using thrive architect is, you can get rid of most of the plugins. Using too many plugins will slow down your website.

Installing this one single plugin will facilitate everything you needed. You can remove plugins for contact form, short code plugin, click to tweet and many more.

You can see my home page, content everything is build with thrive page builder. I love to add tricks and gimmicks to make my content attractive. There are some advanced elements helps to get your page fancy.

Flexible column layout, attention grabbing combination of text and images, glossy magazine look, hover effects make your page pretty.

Nowadays, most of the visitors are coming through mobile phones. As mobile audiences are increasing, it is important that your website must be mobile responsive.

Every template in thrive architect brings you good response and result on mobile & tablets as well. You can instantly preview the pages in mobile, tablet and desktop mode while designing the page.

In a nutshell using thrive architect,

  1. You can build conversion focused, beautiful engaging and visually impressive content.
  2. Design content and layout with simple front-end drag and drop elements.
  3. Increase your sales with professional thrive architect landing page templates
  4. Remove unnecessary plugins and improve your website speed.
  5. Design with ease and saves your money & time.
  6. Get rid of boring website by adding animations and advanced elements.
  7. Create a mobile responsive page and provide a great user experience for your audience.

Using Thrive Architect is fun and easy. They believe in rapid implementation and are obsessed with speed, usability and true front end editing which makes thrive architect amazing. 

Turn your ideas into stunning & visually impressive content using Thrive Page Builder!

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Thrive Architect Vs Thrive Membership

Thrive themes has the all-in-one online business tool box. The thrive membership has full suite of thrive plugins for WordPress.

If you own the membership, you will get all the below plugins with constant free updates and access to new plugins for yearly payment.

Thrive tool box consists of 9 WordPress plugins 

1.Thrive Architect

This is the visual page builder plugin (the one I am reviewing). This plugin helps to build and design your web page with ease. You can simply drag and drop the components play around to create a beautiful and stylish page. I will explain more about this further in the post.

2. Thrive Leads

This plugin helps to build your email list faster. It consists of every type of opt-in and can be used with almost all email services. Thrive lead's advanced option helps you to build highly-targeted and profitable lists. A/B testing function helps to maximize your conversion.

3. Thrive Quiz Builder

Use thrive quiz builder to boost your user engagement. Grab the attention of your website visitors with interactive quiz and make them to spend more time in your page. When the user stays more time in your page and navigates to several other pages, it reduces the bounce rate of your website.

4.Thrive Ultimatum

This helps to increase your sales. Using this plugin, you can create a sense of urgency for your affiliate sale or for your own product. Add scarcity campaigns in your landing page and make more sales. 

5.Thrive Ovation

This is the testimonial plugin. Craft your testimonial for your course or e-book with ease. You can also add product specific testimonials or social proof for the product. If you are doing affiliate sales by writing product reviews, use this plugin to add more social proofs for the recommending products.

6.Thrive Comments

This is not a regular comment option where your visitors just comment and leave. If the first time visitors commented on your page, you can redirect them to the free gift and opt-in page. There is a like and up vote button underneath each comment.

 If a person's comment is liked by more people, they will tend to repeat dropping more comments and this will naturally increase your ranking and traffic. This plugin will definitely make your visitors interactive and increase post engagement.

7.Thrive Optimize

This helps to do A/B testing for your thrive landing pages. You can find out which landing page brings more sales. If you are keen and want to experiment with landing pages then you get this along with Thrive Architect.

8.Thrive Clever Widget

As the name indicates, this widget is smart to categorize the side bar for every page or post. Different type of audience will be visiting your website.

Based on their needs you can add related post, banners on the side bar for each post. I have seen this option in some free WordPress themes. If you really need this and want to showcase your website in a specific way then go for it.

9.Thrive Apprentice

This plugin was recently released by thrive themes. This helps to create online courses along with your blog posts. Many bloggers along with affiliate sales, earning money from online courses. I am not much familiar with this plugin.

10. Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive theme builder is the recent update from thrive themes. They provide next-gen WordPress themes with simple drag and drop elements. This smart cool technology helps to create and customize header, footer, blog post templates, sidebar, page layout, category pages, search pages, 404s, and many more. 

Price: $19/month (paid annually) which is $228 per year. Once you get the membership,  immediately you will receive access to all these plugins. 

    Note: DO NOT purchase thrive membership if you don't want to use all these plugins!!

    You have an option to buy individual plugins.

How to Install Thrive Architect to WordPress

In this section, we will see how to add thrive architect to WordPress. Once you purchase, you will get access for thrive architect plugin download. 

Step 1: Sign up and buy Thrive architect

Step 2: Go to Member Dashboard and download the thrive architect plugin.

Step 3: Go to your Dashboard --> Plugins-->Add New--Upload Plugin and add thrive architect.

You will see thrive dashboard and product manager on your dashboard. Now you can build stunning pages using thrive architect. Create a new post, save the page and click launch thrive architect to edit your page. 

How to Use Thrive Architect

Let's see how to use thrive architect editor for WordPress page and post. 

Whatever may be your theme, thrive architect will override it. You will have a copy of the content in the WordPress area.

Suppose if you wish to remove thrive and move to some other (probably you wont) or want to add content from WordPress editor, content will be available.

Thrive menu

1.Thrive Landing Page Builder

To create a landing page, open a new page in WordPress dashboard and launch thrive architect. There are different types of landing page templates available to use based on the need.

When you click the cloud symbol, you will see default landing page templates to choose. Select the required page and design with thrive elements. 

Click here to check out my post on how to create high converting landing pages.

Thrive landing page

2.Thrive Architect Menu

This is how I create my content with thrive architect page builder. Open a new post and give a title. Write the focus keyword, meta title, description in the SEO section and save.

Launch thrive architect for the blog post. You will see the drag and drop menus on your right side of the editor. There are 3 types of elements present on the editor.

  1. Content Blocks
  2. Foundation elements
  3. Building Blocks
thrive editor

Content Blocks

This is the recent update from thrive themes. There are 5 different category templates and 10 block types are available to write content. 

  • Blog post
  • Product Review
  • Company
  • Content pattern
  • Podcast

Choose the block types based on your content type and write post. If you don't want to use the template, just choose the text and write. Then add sections and create your own layout.