How to get targeted traffic to my website (13 proven strategies)

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How to get targeted traffic to my website?

This is the most haunting question on every bloggers' mind.

It is not easy to get free website traffic especially if you have a brand new website and cannot afford a budget to buy traffic. 

Following the right techniques continuously will get you a huge amount of targeted audience to your website. You need to target the quality audience rather than a large number of visitors. Getting targeted audience will lead to better sales.

It is also important that only quality articles get more traffic. People and search engines both love helpful and engaging content.

I am going to share some strategies to boost your website traffic. This is not going to be simple, it will take time to implement all these methods.

But I can assure, you will drive considerable amount of traffic over a period.

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How to get more traffic to my website

13 Best Ways To get Free Targeted Website Traffic

#1 Rank for Many SEO Keywords

Do not ignore the power of organic traffic. In the initial days, it is not possible to get organic traffic to your website.

But optimizing your content for SEO keywords is necessary right from the beginning.

When your website gains authority, you will slowly start to rank for these SEO keywords. Choose the target keyword which search engine loves as well as what the user is looking for.

Find out what your audience wants and use that as your keyword. With the help of keyword tools get low competition and high traffic keywords.

Aim to rank for many keywords. Though there is one target keyword, you can rank for many keywords.

Find related SEO keywords based on your target keyword. These are called semantic keywords.

Let the semantic keywords too are SEO optimized. This helps the search engine to find your content easily and rank you better.

For example, if you are writing about 25 best tools and equipment in cooking and the target keyword is "tools and equipment in cooking", include all related keywords such as kitchen essentials, kitchen tools names, must-have kitchen item list, etc

When the user searches with any of these related keywords, there is a possibility that your page appears in the SERP. Hence it is important to optimize your content with SEO keywords.

#2 Apply SEO Techniques

It is important to follow the right SEO techniques. There are two types of SEO.

On-page SEO

It is one of the SEO strategies to optimize your web page. This helps to rank high and drive traffic from the search engines.

It includes everything within the web page such as content, images, title, URL, meta title & description, etc.

Off-page or technical SEO

This includes the action taken outside your web page such as improving website speed, domain authority, etc. This helps to increase the website ranking in the search engine result pages (SERP).

Make sure you follow all these basic SEO checklists.

  1. Set up the Google search console for your website.
  2. Submit sitemap in the search console.
  3. Set up Google Analytics to track your web traffic.
  4. Install an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO.
  5. Set up other search engine webmaster tools like Bing, Yandex.

When you follow the right SEO techniques it drives you the organic traffic to your website. Later this traffic will convert into paying customers

#3 Use Social Media Marketing

This is one of my favorite methods to drive traffic to the website. Social media are the boon for the new bloggers. After publishing the article, share your content in the social networks to get instant traffic to your website.

It is good to focus on 2 social media platforms in the beginning. Once you start getting a good amount of traffic move on to other platforms.

Choose the appropriate social media platforms related to your niche. If you are writing about parenting and posting your articles in Linkedin is not appropriate. If you are writing about food recipes, then share your post in Yum.

I suggest starting with Facebook. It is good for any niche. You can drive a great amount of traffic from Facebook.

Pinterest is another source of the traffic to any type of niche website. many bloggers drive a huge amount of page views and traffic from Pinterest.

Use social media marketing tools to boost your website traffic. There are many good tools available to share and schedule your blog post at regular intervals. This will help to get a large audience to your website.

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#4 Grow Email list and Drive Traffic

Your email list is the free website traffic generator. In email marketing system, you will get free targeted website traffic who will be converted into buying customers.

Follow the below steps for how to build your email list and increase website traffic from it.

  1. Write at least 15 to 20 blog posts with SEO keywords.
  2. Create content upgrades, free printables, free guides and online courses related to your posts.
  3. Share your blog post in all the social media, engage in your niche forums and get visitors to your traffic.
  4. Place newsletter opt-ins on your website.
  5. Collect emails of your website visitors using opt-ins and by providing helpful freebies &  content upgrades.
  6. Create relevant email courses and be in touch with your email audience.
  7. Whenever you publish a new post, send out an email to your list.
  8.  Engage with them often and ask their struggle or what kind of help they need related to your niche.
  9. Write articles based on their problems and provide solutions to them. Share these articles to your email list. This type of posts will be loved by your email audience.
  10. Ask them to share the post with their friends and social media. This will double your traffic.

I am sure when you follow these steps you will get the desired amount of targeted traffic to your website as well as you will make money from your blog. But this will definitely take time and hard work. Once you automate this setup, this will give you recurring income.

There are many email service providers available to send freebies and collect emails. I suggest Convertkit as this is simple to use and doesn't take much time to set up.

If you are a beginner and not getting more visitors, but still you wish to collect emails, then try Mailchimp. They provide a free plan to use. I found difficult to use Mailchimp and moved to Convertkit.

Instead, you can try Constant contact where they give you 60-days free trial. You will have enough time to get some amount to traffic so that you can move to paid service after the free trial.

PS: Use paid email service only when you get at least 100+ visitors per day. 

13 Best Ways to Get Free and Targeted Traffic to Your Website

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#5 Build Backlinks

Backlink means getting a link from another website. This is very useful for website ranking. Getting backlink is one of the factors used by search engines to rank the website.

When someone clicks your website link from another website, it is considered as a backlink for your website. You need to get backlinks from authority sites. When you get links from fewer authority sites, it is considered as toxic links.

Backlinks indicate the trust and popularity of your website. According to Neil Patel, the digital marketer, backlinks will remain as a vital Google ranking factor.

In his comprehensive guide on backlinks the SEO expert, Brian Dean explained how to build backlinks that will drive you huge traffic.

If you are a beginner, it is difficult to get backlinks. You need to build a good network and engage with your fellow niche bloggers. Link their relevant articles into your content. Request them back to link your post in their article.

For this, you need to create a high quality and useful post. When you request other bloggers to link your article, they must feel that your article is worth to link on their content.

Building backlinks will take time. As your website authority increases, gradually you earn backlinks and hence you rank better.

With Ubersuggest, you can check how many backlinks you have earned for your website.

#6 Write Guest Post for the High Traffic Websites

Guest post has the great potential to drive a new audience to your website. Write a guest post for other bloggers related to your niche. Create worthy content for the guest post like how you will create for your own website.

When your guest post is shared to the audience of the original blog you will get diverse traffic to your website.

Important points to keep in mind when you write a guest post.

  1. Choose the website with a good domain authority score.
  2. Check whether the website gets a decent amount of traffic. If the website does not get good traffic, it is a waste of time and effort to write a guest post for them.
  3. If you get guest post offers from less traffic or no traffic websites, it is better to politely reject them.
  4. Introduce yourself at the beginning of the post so that regular readers of the blog know that you are the new author and hence they will visit your website.
  5. Link your other posts into the article.
  6. If the blog owner permits, then you can add the opt-ins, content upgrade to collect emails.
  7. Use affiliate links in the post, if it is permitted.
  8. Request the owner to share the post in their social networks.
  9. Do not stop with one guest post. If you are getting good traffic from a particular website, request the owner for writing more post.
  10. Find out more worthy websites related to your nice and write more guest post.
  11. Maintain a balance between writing content for your blog and guest blog. Write one or two guest post per month.

If you did not get good traffic from search engines, writing guest blogs will bring you a new audience and big traffic to your website.

13 Best Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

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#7 Allow Guest Post by Other Bloggers

Ask other bloggers to write a guest post for you. Your website will get traffic when they share the guest post to their audience. Accept only quality guest posts.

Make sure the guest blogger has a good amount of traffic. You can request the guest blogger to accept your guest post for them. This way you both will mutually benefit.

#8 Drive Referral Traffic

Referral traffic means visitors, coming to your site from sources other than search engines and social media. Examples of referral traffic are,  if someone clicked on a link to your website from other website articles or forums, it is considered as referral traffic.

I get most of the referral traffic from Wealthy Affiliate. It is the top referral traffic site.

You can drive referral traffic by following ways.

  1. Engage in the forums related to your niche. Answer questions and provide solutions to the problems. Be active in the forums and mark your presence. Add your post link in the answers if really needed.
  2. Post engaging and useful comments on the competitors' website.
  3. Write resources post.
  4. Add external links in your content.
  5. Write list posts.

53 smart ways to promote your affiliate products for free 

How to get more traffic to my website? - 13 Proven Strategies!!!

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#9 Re-publish Your Old Posts

Repurposing your old blog post will increase your website traffic.

  1. Go to Google search console and check the performance. You will find the queries that you rank for. Get all the keyword queries and the pages which appear in the SERP.
  2. Add all the keywords in the respective posts. You can still go further and collect all the LSI and related keywords for all the old posts. Sprinkle these related keywords in the content.
  3. Update your content and add more useful information.
  4. Include videos, infographics or any new visual data related to the post.
  5. Re-publish the content for the current date and share it.

Pro Tip:

Use SEMrush to get the ideas to improve your existing post. Implement those ideas in the older post to rank high and get traffic.

Recently I updated my older post contents based on the SEMrush recommendation. My ranking for some of the keywords has increased and I started to rank for more keywords.


Suppose, your email list or social followers has increased by this time, re-posting your old content will bring you more audience. Your organic traffic will also increase with improved content and keywords.

13 Best Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

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#10 Get Direct Traffic

It is easy to get instant website traffic with this method. If you have a new website and want some traffic, just share your website URL with your friends and family.

For example, you are starting a new website on baby care. Share your website link personally through message and email to your friends and family who are new parents.

You can place the link in the what's app status too. Ask them to subscribe and share your link to their friends and other networks.

If you are writing a recipe or cookbook or any tips on kitchen organization or makeup or about the bike, whatever may be your niche, friends and family are the first to support you.

Whenever you publish new content, if you find it helps or relevant to your friends then you can share with them.

#11 Create a Viral Post

You can attract large traffic when you create a viral post and share.

  1. Write a thorough, in-depth and useful article for 3000+ words with right SEO keywords.
  2. Try to write a case study or a complete guide on a specific topic.
  3. Write an irresistible and attractive title for the post.
  4. If possible, write about trending or controversial topic.
  5. Add excellent infographics, memes, images and videos.
  6. Include all the elements which keep your audience engaged with your post like quiz, question and answers, etc
  7. Add more than 2 opt-ins and content upgrades within the content.
  8. After publishing the post, share it madly in social media.
  9. Send an email to your email list and also request them to share the post.
  10. Request your competitors or fellow bloggers to share the post to their audience.
  11. Use social marketing media tools to share the post at regular intervals.
  12. Engage in forums, help people and answer questions related to your viral post and share the link.
  13. Create different type of infographics related to the topic and share it on social media.

Writing a viral post will drive large traffic to your website. But it required hard work and time to create.

#12 Publish Interviews

This will give you a good opportunity to get new traffic. Get interviews on experience or ask answers or opinion for a particular topic from different bloggers in your niche and publish it.

Include their website link and ask them to include your post link in their content. Request everyone to share your post to their audience.

This method will get you backlinks and traffic.

#13 Start a YouTube Channel

Nowadays people prefer to watch videos than reading the text. Videos are becoming popular and most searchable.

Start a YouTube channel for your website. Add the videos in your related post. You might rank for both the website and the video search.

This will bring more traffic and the audience will also spend more time on your website.

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Final Word

When you apply these free traffic techniques, you can drive huge traffic to your website for free without spending a penny for ads. To implement these methods, you require hard work and patience.

It will take a considerable amount of time to get the desired result. But definitely, you will drive more traffic to your website and make more money.

What strategy are you following to get traffic for your website?

Also, try these methods and let us know which one works best for you.

21 Responses to “How to get targeted traffic to my website (13 proven strategies)

  • Aria Len
    2 years ago

    I think it’s great that you made sure to let people know HOW to see where their traffic is coming from because a lot of new bloggers are so focused on getting traffic that they will try all of the different tips they can find, but only base how much traffic they get on the amount they make from their blog site.

    Making sure to track your traffic sources is a great way to be able to SEE the improvements that are happening, which will keep most site owners motivated to keep going instead of abandoning their project all-together.

  • This is an excellent post. While organic traffic is seen as the holly grail of traffic, it is important not to neglect the other sources of traffic. I find your recommendation to focus on 3 social media platforms to be spot on. Get good at those three before adding more social media platforms. You can easily waste a lot of time and effort if you try to use all available social media platforms.

    Thank you,

    • Kavitha
      2 years ago

      You are right Mike. Most of them will be spending time on sharing posts in a lot of social networks. In my opinion, it is waste of time and effort. Focusing on 2 or 3 social networks and try several methods to get traffic is better.

  • phyllis hollett
    2 years ago

    Great post and I have bookmarked it. Gives me added direction.

  • Andries Botha
    2 years ago

    Always a breeze to visit your website. By reading your posts I can clearly see how your mission and your vision for your website been for fill.
    With putting above mentioned strategies in place to your online business can only lead to success.
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and implement those strategies to make our own sites successful.

  • Mike Beatty
    2 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing this!!

    I had no idea about the different types of traffic…

    Couple of questions:
    What do mean use Wikipedia as the reference to get more traffic?
    When someone clicks a link through an email this counts as direct traffic?

    Thanks again, I learnt a lot


    p.s. I love Pat Flynn’s Smart passive income too!

    • Kavitha
      2 years ago

      Hi Mike,
      Suppose you are writing an epic content referring many websites, you mention all those website references in your post. This will get you more links and traffic.
      If you refer and get info from Wikipedia for your article and mention the wiki link in your content, you will drive more traffic.

      Coming to your next question, You are going to send your website link along with the personal message in the email. People will click your website link directly. This is counted as direct traffic.

      I believe I answered your questions and this helps!

  • Brandon
    2 years ago

    Wow, thank you for such a comprehensive guide Kavitha! I have social accounts but don’t get any traffic from them even though I’m posting to them constantly. I think your tips will help me greatly and I’m going to put more effort into my social accounts. Thanks a lot, will be back for more!

  • I think social networks are really important for any online business. However I want to focus on only one and I think of starting making money online niche site. What social networks should I focus?

    • Kavitha
      2 years ago

      Hi Furhan,
      For any niche website, Facebook works because you have all types of the audience present on Facebook.

  • These are great tips,I have began using some. Thank you for sharing.

  • Your article is super helpful for my blog. I will work on trying to get more backlinks, as that will help with traffic. I will also stay more active on social media and get a bigger following. Thank you for the great advice!!

  • I liked your post. It was very informative and I will definitely look into some of the methods you have presented to increase traffic to my website.

  • Dereck
    1 year ago

    I found the article to be full of amazing advice! Really agree with applying the SEO techniques. I do have one question, what are some good ways to improve your website speed? Thanks again for the great post!

    • Kavitha
      1 year ago

      WP Rocket plugin reduces the loading speed of the website. Let your image be in the compressed format like PNP. WordPress smush plugin helps to compress all your image. Again, using too many plugins will slow down your website. SO find out which works best for you. I tried these both and found them to be helpful.

  • Kendra
    1 year ago

    This is such an informative post and taught me so much. What do you mean by “collect all the LSI?” Thank you,

    • Kavitha
      1 year ago

      LSI means Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI keywords are phrases related to your target keyword. When you are writing a post, along with the target keyword add all the related semantic keywords.

  • Awesome article! Increasing traffic to your blog is a key way to increase your profits, regardless of the niche your blog covers. More traffic equals more opportunities for your articles to be read, advertisements and affiliate offers to be clicked, as well as sales of your very own products. It also adds value to your site and makes it more appealing to potential advertisers and sponsors.

    Angela Giles |

    • Kavitha
      1 year ago

      Exactly Angela! More traffic brings more opportunity for sales and to make money.

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