Techniques to get Free Website Traffic for Beginners

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You've tried everything. But you get only a few visitors.

I've been in the same situation when I started my first website.

Good news is that, after using these amazing techniques, my website traffic got increased rapidly!

When you have a website with great content and seeing a handful of visitors is really worrisome.

The simple truth is when you use the right tactics it is easier to get more traffic for your website.

First, we will see how to look at the traffic sources for your website from Google Analytics.

How to check Website Traffic on Google Analytics?

Google offers a free service called Google Analytics which gives insights of the visitors coming to your website. It gives data on how many visitors visiting your website, sources of visitors, etc.

This analytics is useful to measure and analyse your traffic sources.

Google Analytics

In the home page of Google Analytics, you can see the various traffic sources for your website.

When you go to Acquisition--> Overview, you can see the pie chart showing the percentage of traffic from the different medium.

Website traffic

From this chart, you can understand from which source or channel you get most of your website traffic.

Now, based on this data you can concentrate on the sources which get you more traffic.

What are the Best Sources of Website Traffic?

There are four main channels provides traffic for your website

  • Direct
  • Referral
  • Social
  • Organic

When you look at the above chart, maximum traffic comes from direct and referral for my website.

If you are a beginner, it is difficult to get organic traffic from search engines. When you check the top channels in Google analytics, you can see most traffic would have been from referral or social for your website.

But here's the interesting thing!

Most of you would have ignored the direct traffic source.

When you are struggling to get traffic in the beginning stage, direct traffic is one of the best sources which help to get visitors for your website.

Increase website traffic fast with direct, referral and social channels. These are the best sources of website traffic.

Once you drive traffic from these mediums, it is easy to get organic traffic when you follow the right SEO techniques.

Remember it is important to create quality, engaging and SEO based content to getting traffic from any source!

Ok, Let's dive into the techniques.

Techniques to get Free Website traffic

Now we are going to see how to get traffic from these 4 channels by applying certain tactics.

  • Direct traffic
  • Referral traffic
  • Social traffic
  • Organic search traffic

As I told, before focusing on organic traffic, you must concentrate on other three mediums. It takes time to get visitors from organic search.

When you concentrate on the other sources and following right SEO techniques along with that gradually your website will rank high.

Direct Traffic

free Website traffic

Direct traffic is when users type your website URL in the browser directly and visit your website.

Google gets data from chrome browser to find out how many people visits your website. If the users bookmark your website it is an added advantage to rank in Google.

Get direct traffic by following these methods

  1. Share your website URL with a personal message to your known friends through email and message. It is important that the person whom you are sending must benefit from your website. For example, if you are having a website about baby care, send it to friends who are new parents.
  2. Ask your friends to share with their friends who will get benefit from your website. This way your website will get more direct traffic.
  3. Some people might get useful information from the particular post in your website. Choose the helpful posts and share to relevant people. Let's say you wrote a post on how to prepare a recipe in instant pot for kids. This can be shared not only with mothers but with anyone who uses instant pot to cook.

Referral traffic

Referral traffic is when you get visitors through referral links. To build referral link is little tough for newbies.

When you try these 7 simple techniques, you will get 10x better traffic to your website.

  1. Add at least 2 external links in your content.
  2. Mention reference websites from where you got information like statistical data or inspiration to write the content.
  3. Add useful tool links or brand links related to your content. Example: 'Microsft', 'Amazon'.
  4. Post comment to top bloggers website. It is important to post valuable and appropriate comments on the website related to your niche.
  5. Writing List post will help to generate more referral traffic. Example, '25 Best and cheap keyboard players for beginners'.
  6. Resource posts are the best website traffic generator. When you write a list of resource posts like '17 best SEO keyword tools ' you will mention the different tool links. When the user searches for a particular keyword tool, your website will get referred.  The best example is, Smartpassiveincome has a separate page for recommended tools listed in their website.
  7. Forums are the excellent source of referral traffic. Answering queries in the forums related to your niche help to drive more traffic for your website. Quora and Reddit are the top forums which help to increase web traffic.

Pro Tip: Use Wikipedia as the reference site to get more traffic!

Webtalk is the new social media network which is still in the beta stage. I get the amount full referral traffic from Webtalk. Though it is in the beta stage people try to engage and share topics related to their profession and others.

Guest blogging and outreach are the other ways to get large traffic for your website. Once you establish authority to your site you can try these methods.

Referral traffic provides more new visitors. When you provide useful and engaging content for visitors they tend to visit your website repeatedly.

Therefore you get more returning visitors which in turn helps to get organic traffic by ranking high in search engines.

Techniques to Drive Free Website Traffic for Beginners

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Social Networks

free website traffic

Have you ever thought why you did not get the expected amount of visitors from the social network?

It's a familiar story and it goes like this.

You start a website and write some articles. Then create accounts on all social networks and start sharing your posts.

Did you get the desired result? Nope.

There are many social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Not all the social network will work for your niche.

You need to identify best working social network related to your niche and focus on it. If you are writing about parenting and sharing your post on Linkedin is not appropriate.

Let me explain how you should handle social network to drive traffic to your website.

Initially, it is good to focus on 2 or 3 social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. 


  • Create a business page on Facebook with your website name as the page name.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to join and like your business page.
  • Join active Facebook groups related to your niche.
  • There are some groups where you can share your post. Find such groups and share your post.
  • Share your post with headline and hashtags. Use only 2 to 3 hashtags related to your post.
  • Write comments on other posts in the group. These comments must be helpful for people. Make comments such as discussion grows around your comment. This makes people look at your page and website.
  • Post questions or interesting facts about your niche on the group and your page.
  • Be active on your page. If you are not able to update post daily, keep posting useful pieces of information on your page regularly.

  • Twitter

  • Create a business account in Twitter and keep your website name as your twitter account name. If the twitter name already exists keep short form or name related to your website.
  • Follow 1000+ people and account related to your niche. Most of them will follow you back.
  • Follow top bloggers and people who have followers more than 500.
  • Retweet and comment on the top bloggers' post. Provide valuable comments on their post such that they notice you and your website.
  • Request them to retweet your post so that their followers will get noticed and they will follow you.
  • You can send a personal message to your followers and top bloggers to look at your new post or any killer post of yours.
  • Use Click to Tweet in your content so that your website visitors from other sources also will share your content while reading your post.
  • Use hashtags in every tweet related to your post.
  • Tweet tips and useful information along with related hashtags.
  • Re-post your old tweets 2 to 3 times a day. Some people tweet a single post 6 times a day. It is not advisable to post too many times. This might be considered spam.

  • Pinterest

    Pinterest is another social network where you can drive massive traffic. Some bloggers survive only with Pinterest traffic.

    I insist you create a Pinterest business account and start pinning for every post right from the beginning. Create at least 3 pins for each post and share it.

    Use SEO keywords in the title and description. Join group boards related to your niche and share your pins.

     This e-book Get paid with pin will give exact strategies on how to use Pinterest to get traffic and make money easily.

    After applying these strategies, my web traffic got increased drastically!

     My page view in Pinterest got increased from 500 to 6.4k in a month!! That’s awesome, isn’t it?

    Tailwind made my job easier by scheduling pin for a month.

    If you have a niche related to business or any profession you can use Linkedin. Sharing videos and posts in Linkedin will leverage your traffic very well.

    Pro Tip: Use the Ultimate Social media plugin to place social media icons on your website to get more shares and subscribers.

    Organic Traffic

    free Website traffic

    Once you start getting traffic from other channels, you can focus on organic traffic.

    Getting more likes and shares in your social network is also one of the factors to rank in search engines.

    1. Follow on-page SEO and mobile SEO techniques.
    2. Improve the loading speed of your website.
    3. Use Mobile friendly theme.
    4. Choose SEO keywords and build content over it.
    5. Write an attractive title tag.
    6. Provide meaningful meta description.
    7. Create a long and engaging post.
    8. Write content which user and the search engine loves.
    9. Build an authoritative website.

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    Let's rewind the procedures to follow.

    Check your Google analytics and find out which medium gets you traffic. Use the above techniques to get direct and referral traffic for your website.

    Follow the tactics to use social networks for driving more traffic. Gradually concentrate SEO techniques to get organic search traffic.

    Once you start making money with free traffic, you can re-invest some money for paid traffic.

    Follow these techniques and share your comments with me which source is driving more traffic for you. Good luck!

    12 Responses to “Techniques to get Free Website Traffic for Beginners

    • Aria Len
      7 months ago

      I think it’s great that you made sure to let people know HOW to see where their traffic is coming from because a lot of new bloggers are so focused on getting traffic that they will try all of the different tips they can find, but only base how much traffic they get on the amount they make from their blog site.

      Making sure to track your traffic sources is a great way to be able to SEE the improvements that are happening, which will keep most site owners motivated to keep going instead of abandoning their project all-together.

    • This is an excellent post. While organic traffic is seen as the holly grail of traffic, it is important not to neglect the other sources of traffic. I find your recommendation to focus on 3 social media platforms to be spot on. Get good at those three before adding more social media platforms. You can easily waste a lot of time and effort if you try to use all available social media platforms.

      Thank you,

      • You are right Mike. Most of them will be spending time on sharing posts in a lot of social networks. In my opinion, it is waste of time and effort. Focusing on 2 or 3 social networks and try several methods to get traffic is better.

    • phyllis hollett
      7 months ago

      Great post and I have bookmarked it. Gives me added direction.

    • Andries Botha
      7 months ago

      Always a breeze to visit your website. By reading your posts I can clearly see how your mission and your vision for your website been for fill.
      With putting above mentioned strategies in place to your online business can only lead to success.
      Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and implement those strategies to make our own sites successful.

    • Mike Beatty
      7 months ago

      Thanks so much for sharing this!!

      I had no idea about the different types of traffic…

      Couple of questions:
      What do mean use Wikipedia as the reference to get more traffic?
      When someone clicks a link through an email this counts as direct traffic?

      Thanks again, I learnt a lot


      p.s. I love Pat Flynn’s Smart passive income too!

      • Hi Mike,
        Suppose you are writing an epic content referring many websites, you mention all those website references in your post. This will get you more links and traffic.
        If you refer and get info from Wikipedia for your article and mention the wiki link in your content, you will drive more traffic.

        Coming to your next question, You are going to send your website link along with the personal message in the email. People will click your website link directly. This is counted as direct traffic.

        I believe I answered your questions and this helps!

    • Wow, thank you for such a comprehensive guide Kavitha! I have social accounts but don’t get any traffic from them even though I’m posting to them constantly. I think your tips will help me greatly and I’m going to put more effort into my social accounts. Thanks a lot, will be back for more!

    • I think social networks are really important for any online business. However I want to focus on only one and I think of starting making money online niche site. What social networks should I focus?

      • Hi Furhan,
        For any niche website, Facebook works because you have all types of the audience present on Facebook.

    • These are great tips,I have began using some. Thank you for sharing.

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