Strategies to Write Catchy Blog Post Titles to get Maximum Clicks

Often we forget to give importance to write a good headline for our blog. When you don't spend the time to write a catchy blog post titles, it is difficult to get traffic for your website!

I know what you're thinking right now. How the hell blog title is related to my web traffic?

Writing good content starts with finding the right keyword. Selecting SEO keyword is the long-term strategy to get more traffic and the right audience for your website.

You may think creating a quality and engaging content will get you more traffic. Though you have an awesome content to share in the social network and if no one is ready to click your post, all your effort will get wasted.

Making people click your post by writing an irresistible blog title is the first step in content marketing. When more people click your post, more traffic and more sales!

Sounds simple! Isn't it?

There are some simple yet awesome strategies to write the most clickable title.

Before that, let's see the difference between blog title and topic

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Difference between Blog title and Blog topics

Some people get confused between the title and topic. Blog topic is the idea of what you are going to write about. The title is the headline you give for your blog post.

"Tips for air travel with toddlers" - This is the topic.

"25 amazing tips for stress-free air travel with toddlers" -This is the title

Able to find the difference, right?

The idea about the content is the topic. You are going to provide tips on air travel with toddlers.

When you write the headline you need to provide information about the content and also make it clickable.

How to write an insanely attractive and catchy blog post titles

catchy blog post title

There is no right way or any rules to write the blog post title. But when you follow and include these elements in your title, you get maximum clicks for your blog post.

#1 Add emotion in the title

People will get attached when there is an emotion. It makes them automatically click the post. If you are writing an article expressing your anger or frustration,  happy or encouraging whatever the emotion is when you add emotional words people will get connected.

Add power words or emotional phrases like amazing, best, fast, cheap, tips, easy, simple, brilliant, etc into your title.

#2 Set expectation

Set an expectation in the title that people are curious to read the article. When you add numbers or current year in the title, it will tempt people to peek inside your article.

--> "The best gaming monitor 2018: the 10 amazing gaming screens of the year"

--> "The best gaming monitors"

Which post title do you think people will likely to click?

When you add brackets in the title, it catches the attention of readers. Do not add brackets in all your titles. When you create a viral post, adding brackets in the title will do wonders.

Strategies to Write Catchy Blog Titles for Maximum Clicks

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#3 Focus on SEO

It is good to write SEO title. Along with target keyword, add LSI keyword. Place the target keyword in the front.

One of my posts has the target keyword as "SEO Keyword". Along with that, I added LSI keyword "Keyword search simplified". This way you can create SEO title which helps in organic search.

#4 Create a viral title

Add a catchy phrase or trigger keywords like why, how and what in your title. This creates curiosity and makes people click your post. When you create a viral title for your quality post you will get maximum clicks and hence more social shares.

When you look BuzzFeed, most of the articles go viral because of the catchy and provoking phrases present in the title.

#5 Title Length

It is important to maintain the length of the title between 54 to 57. Make sure you keep the title characters less than 60 so that it doesn't get cut off by search engines.

Sometimes shorter and straightforward titles work better than longer and indirect headlines.

"Taking an International Flight With Your Toddler: 20 important things to bring"

"20 Must Items to pack for International travel with your toddler"

The second one seems to be straightforward and to the point.

#6 Title which demands clicks

Insert provoking terms to the title which demands more clicks. Make the audience curious by adding phrases like tips from experts, questions, secret, mistakes, etc

Strategies to Write Catchy Blog Titles for Maximum Clicks

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#7 Make a meaningful title

Your title must be meaningful and convey the idea of what you are writing about. The title must be relevant the content you write about.

  • Do not make any grammar and spelling mistakes in the title.
  • Instead of underscores, use dashes.
  • Create an active voice title.

#8 Adding quiz

Are you wondering how to add quiz in the title?

When you add surprise elements in your title. it will pop up questions in the mind of your audience. This will trigger them to click your post.

There is an article in the Washington post with the title,

"How does a tech billionaire say sorry for his unauthorized wedding? There’s an app for that."

When people look into this curious title, automatically they will tend to click the post and start reading.


It is not possible to add all these elements into the title. It is a trial and error process to create a title that gets maximum clicks.

There is no proven way or any rules for writing headlines. Use the above strategies and follow your own ideas to create catchy blog post titles.

Post your thoughts in the comments section.

If you find these strategies useful, please share.

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9 Responses to “Strategies to Write Catchy Blog Post Titles to get Maximum Clicks

  • Todd P Matthews
    2 years ago

    SEO is definitely my go to when thinking of any blog title. I also like to use questions as well, sometimes perhaps too much. Emotion in my title is a close third.

    You provided excellent insight on keeping the title at 60 characters or less. I tend to use one longer than 60 for my actual title then use my SEO title to be fewer than 60, which is a challenge at times.

    • Kavitha
      2 years ago

      yes, Todd. Sometimes we cannot control the length. Sometimes I feel it is necessary to add every word even if the length goes beyond 70 🙂

  • Amazing post! So in depth in your explanation on writing blog titles. I can sure use this for my articles in the future. We tend to spoil the content by writing a title more than it should be. Having a title length will keep in mind on not to go overboard with the title. Thank you!

  • This is a great article. I’ve actually started implimenting some of the tips I got here in my new blog posts. I like the concept of making the topic of the blog posts catchy and viral.

  • Tom Fitzsimmons
    2 years ago

    The content of your post is detailed, relevant and very helpful The explanations were thorough and in depth. There is definitely information in this post that will assist in making my future post titles and content much more entertaining and “clickable.”
    If I had any advice, it would be to ensure that the grammar is correct and the sentence structure is used to make your point. There were a few instances of the wrong word being used, or sentences not making sense.
    Again, the content was great; the presentation could be clearer.

  • John Robinson
    2 years ago

    Great article! Besides the content itself the title is the most important. You could have flawless content but if the title is not good no one will ever see it.

  • You have a lot of useful info here. It’s great that I found your site so I can improve my blog post titles. I will definitely bookmark your site for reference.


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