How Bloggers Can Make Money From Online Courses?

Have you ever considered creating an online course to make money as a blogger?

When there are a lot of options available to monetize the blog, why should you choose to make money from online courses?

Because every morning you jump out of joy when you open your inbox to see payment notifications for your course sales that came in overnight.

There is a massive opportunity for you to succeed as a course creator in any niche. It has the potential to reach a bigger audience and help many people.

Not only that but once you have created the course, you leverage by automating the sales and thus building a passive revenue system. You can make consistent money online.

I know it is not an easy job. It takes huge effort and time to build an effective course. But this one-time diligent work pays you for the rest of your lifetime!

If you have a desire to inspire and share your knowledge with people all over the world, then there’s nothing to stop you from doing this.

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Make Money From Online Courses

Steps to create an online course that makes money

1 Narrow down your niche

If you are new to online business and having a fresh start, then the first step is to identify a profitable niche.

Check out my post on how to choose the right niche for blogging business.

If you are a blogger and already have a niche that is working for you, it is quite easy to narrow down the topics. List the topics in your niche for which you have more knowledge and comfortable writing about it.

If you are writing about food recipes, you can narrow the topics like "Guides for vegan diet recipes" or "How to prepare birthday cakes". Likewise, find out the relevant topics around your niche where you can create a course which people like to pay for it.

In her blog herpaperroute, Chelsea created many online courses related to her niche. She provides free and paid online courses for her audience. All the courses are aimed to help and guide her audience.

2 Identify the problem

Your course should be a solution or a problem solver. It must help people. People will shell out their money for a product only if they find value.

So, your next step is to identify the problem on the topics you have listed. If you have an email list, ask the pain points of your audience. Ask them what help they need related to your niche. You can ask questions related to the niche in social media and forums to identify the problems.

Scrivener is a software used by writers, screenplay writers, journalists, etc. Some people felt difficult using this software. In the, Joseph tells people to use scrivener for effective writing. He helps thousands of people to write a book and publish.

3 Do the research

Do the market research whether people are willing to buy your course. Don't waste your time and energy in creating the unworthy course. Your course should benefit your audience. It should either solve a problem or guide them to learn and progress.

4 Choose the methods to create lessons

Plan the teaching methods. Prepare how you are going to offer the lessons. It can be videos, infographics, story-telling, worksheets, text or the combination of these. Your goal is to present effective lessons. Therefore apply all the ways to assist your audience.

5 Create your online course

After the complete planning and preparation, it is time to create a course. You can create a free course with teachable. You can upload text, videos, audios, images etc with ease. Make your course interactive by adding quizzes and discussion forums for your audience.

To learn more about how to create and sell online courses, I recommend attending the free teachable live summit. In the live online conference, they teach you how to create a profitable course in 30 days. You can learn and earn at the same place.

6 Give the best resource

Share your knowledge. to the audience. If you are creating a course on how to play the keyboard, develop the course with all your experience and education.

Your experiences are unique. Provide all the nuances and tactics to them which helps them to improve. Supply all types of resources which help them to practice and progress in playing the keyboard.

Magoosh provides English exam preparation courses like IELTS, TOFEL, etc. They want their students to succeed. Hence, in most of their videos, after each lesson, they share all the useful resources links which are helpful to their students.

Your motto should be to help your audience. When you provide a valuable product, people will pay without any hesitation.

7 Edit the lessons

After creating the course, double-check all the lessons. Do all the editing work and check for spelling mistakes. Install Grammarly to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

Ask your friends or family to check for mistakes in the lessons. It is better to examine from a third person's view.

8 Market the course

When the course is ready to sell, plan for a marketing strategy. Create a plan to promote your course. Social media is a great place to promote. Facebook ads, PPC and content marketing are the other ways to market your course.

If you already have a website with a decent amount of visitors, then it is a good place to start. Shoot out an email about the new course to your email audience.

Create a sense of urgency using a timer. Offer a few free courses or a glimpse of the lessons before you give the complete course for payment.

Like Wealthy Affiliate, you can give a free trial period to access your course partially and then ask them to upgrade to use completely.

9 Update your course

Keep your lessons updated. Make sure to upgrade the lessons every few months. Update with the latest information related to the topic.

10 Repeat everything

If you are successful with once course, you can rinse and repeat the same. Create the most successful online courses using the exact strategy and formula. Don't limit yourself in creating a course in a single niche. You can create and sell online courses in various niches and topics.

There are many ordinary people like you who have a desire to succeed in their online business. Those who are making an effort are seeking victory. Go ahead and create the most profitable online courses.

11 Responses to “How Bloggers Can Make Money From Online Courses?

  • Thanks for this post. I have been researching how to make side income online and this sounds like a great way to make some extra cash.

    I know from reading your post it will require a lot of work. But it sounds like the future return will be worth it.

    • Hi Ben,
      Definitely you will get the returns if you create a worthy and valuable course for your audience.

  • I love your article it is very informative. I will definitely look into some of the ways to monetize a blog.

  • Hi thank you for sharing. I have been thinking about writing an ebook recently and think that this process would apply. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jesse Lee
    4 months ago

    I enjoyed this post!
    You have given tons of helpful tips to start a blogging career and efficiently start making money.
    I have recently started a blogging career and all of these tips you have listed here are very helpful to get a blog started.
    Thanks for the helpful information and I look forward to coming back to this site in the future!

  • Thank you for the great information! I particularly like the outline set out so clearly and the idea of using Teachable. I’ve wanted to develop a course and this step-by-step guidance is going to be a big help.

    • If you are going to build a course, then I suggest attending the teachable live summit. There you get a lot of info on how to create and sell courses from experts.

  • I ca make an online course?!? oh so doing it!!! Thanks, Kavitha

  • Courses are a great way to increase your income! This is a great post for anyone wanting to start out. Thank you!

  • I’ve actually never even thought of this! I never really thought of myself as smart or savvy enough to teach. The verbiage needs to be engaging. One has to be able to answer unexpected questions. I’m going to give this a lot of thought. Thank you for sharing!

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