How to Reduce Bounce Rate for a Website [and Get More Conversion]

There might be a situation where you have great traffic but there is no sales happening. This is because your website has a high bounce rate!

The decreased bounce rate of the website will give more chances for conversion. Here you find the 19 tips on how to reduce bounce rate for a website.

When you follow these simple techniques, the staying time of your website visitors will increase and hence more sales will happen.

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Bounce Rate

According to Google, Bounce rate is "the percentage of single-page sessions in which there was no interaction with the page".

Bounce rate must be less than 60%. Higher bounce rate is the signal for the improvement of your website.

When a user opens a single page on your website and then exits without doing any action, your bounce rate will be high. This means the user is not performing the action you ask for.

You want the user to click the product link to buy. But they leave the page even before getting a chance to look your call to action is worrisome.

There are 2 major things associated with the dwelling time of your website visitors.

  • Website Design
  • Content Marketing

When you redesign your website and improve your content, the conversion rate will be high. When the user gets a good experience with your website, automatically there will be more sales.

Reduced bounce rate is achieved when you make the audience stay on your website for a longer time.

ways to reduce bounce rate

  Ways to reduce Bounce Rate for a Website

 #1 Optimize the Loading Speed

Check the loading speed of your website. When your website takes more time to load people will lose patience and leave your site.

WP Rocket is the most powerful plugin used for speed optimization. It does all types of caching which gives high loading speed, improves your SEO and increase conversion.

reduce bounce rate

 #2 Use Mobile friendly Theme

Most of the population are using mobiles and tablets than desktop. Your website must display the right size and give good user experience for mobile users. Therefore use a theme which is compatible with both desktop and mobile.

Take mobile test using this free mobile-friendly testing tool and check whether your website is mobile compatible.

Mobile friendly testing

 #3 Avoid Annoying  Pop-ups

It is better to avoid unwanted annoying ads and flash pop-ups. It will give bad experience for the user. When you have great quality content with disturbing ads, the user will leave your page soon.

Do not place the hanging social share icons which get scrolled along with the articles. This will disturb the readers. It is good to place the social icons at the end or on the side of your page.

 #4 Add Internal links

Adding internal links in your article will make the visitors navigate the pages on your website. Whenever you post a new article, add that post link to your relevant older posts. Readers will spend more time by checking all your internally linked post.

Neil Patel explained the model of internal linking that how one page connects with another page. Say you have hundreds of post on your website. When linking your new article to those older posts, it will get revived and you generate more traffic.

 #5 Create an Appealing post

Adding pro images, infographics or videos will make the user stay for a longer time in your page.

Prefer to write short sentences than big paragraphs. Space between sentences will give a good reading experience. Use simple fonts with black ink on the white background. This will give a professional image to your articles.

Reduce Bounce Rate of your Website and Increase Conversion Rate

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 #6 Use Professional themes

It is important to write quality and useful content for your audience. When you use professional themes along with the great content there will more conversion.

There are many professional themes available where they provide pro landing pages and templates. These templates will give an elegant and sophisticated look for your website.

Thrive themes provide high converting and A/B testing landing page templates.  You get content optimization, leads, landing page, style boxes, social share, table of contents testimonials and other features in Thrive Architect.

#7 Write Engaging content

Create more engaging content by using some copy writing techniques, adding images, memes, quiz, etc. When your content is interactive, the audience will be engaged and get connected with your content. This makes your job easier.

Your visitors will perform the action you are asking to do. Sales become easier and there will be more conversion rate.

#8 Include Videos and Podcasts

Adding podcasts and videos in your article is a great content marketing strategy. Along with publishing content when you produce podcast or video you can target more traffic for your website.


#9 Provide answer immediately

People are searching for solutions and answers. When you provide the answer to their questions immediately they will move further into your article. Do not drag too much about what you are going to write about. Come to the point as early as possible.

#10 Write title which solves the problem

Writing a meaningful and SEO title is important. Include long tail keywords into the title. Match your title with what the user searches for. Let's say the user is looking for  "best video editing software". Your title can be like " 10 Best professional video editing software for PC".

#11 Place Popular post visible

Use the sidebar wisely. Place related and popular posts on the sidebar and at the end of the post. Highlight the popular posts or reviews to the audience by using attractive colors, bold fonts and boxes.

#12 Write Longer post

Create a longer post with 1200 to 1500 words. Try to achieve 1000 words for every post. If you are writing a killer post or article to get more social shares, then target for 2000 plus words. The longer the content, more dwell time for your audience.

#13 Build Content with Attractive Subheadings

When the audience sees attractive subheadings they will immediately peek inside your content. Providing 'table of content' in the top of the post will help visitors to get an idea about the contents inside.

#14 Keep easily navigating blog path

Your great posts would have been hidden inside. Provide easily navigating blog path for your website visitors. Place simple and quick clicking menus like start here, blog. This will help the visitors to navigate to more articles on your website.

Reduce Bounce Rate of your Website and Increase Conversion Rate

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#15 Action button for the popular post

When you want to highlight certain post or reviews you can place the call to action button for that post. This makes the reader move to popular post or review and spends a long time on the website.

#16 Mark open in New tab

Make sure you mark open in new tab when you add affiliate links and internally add your post into the articles.

#17 Engage with your readers

Make your readers to ask questions or post their opinions on the comment section. This will make the readers engage with your post.

#18 Redirect 404 errors

404 error informs the readers that the blog post they are looking for doesn’t exist. This happens when you delete the post or change the URL. This makes the user leave the page immediately.

Use redirection plugin and help them to reach the correct page.

#19 Use the right target keyword

Use appropriate target keyword in the title and content. When your title is not relevant to the content, users will leave your page and this will increase your bounce rate.


Wrong visitors will leave your website soon. Attracting right audience for your website is important. Longer dwell time will decrease the bounce rate of the website. Search engines will consider the bounce rate for ranking. When you have less bounce rate your post will rank higher and you get more organic traffic. 

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    Awesome feedback, I already tried the mobile friendly site. Thank you so much for this information! It is very helpful, and I wasn’t aware of the bounce rate. Again, great info!

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    wow, the is beautifully written. I tested my site and it was okay for mobile device. Great topic well written.

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    2 years ago

    Thanks for the great tips. I’ve noticed my bounce rate has increased recently so going to try these options out to see if I can get it back on track.

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