53 Smart Ideas to Promote Affiliate Products for Free

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income online. You make more money when you choose the best affiliate programs and have top affiliate products to promote.

There are lot of ways on how to promote affiliate products for free. You must choose the affiliate marketing promotion method in such a way that you get traffic to your affiliate link. When you get more clicks on affiliate links, you make more sales. 

If you are new to affiliate marketing, check out this post.

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It is painful when people leave your page without even noticing the affiliate link.

Every audience is different. Some people just look for information and leave the site. Some people will skim the pages and move.

It is your responsibility to grab the attention of your audience.

I am not saying to load the page with affiliate links. Your website should be non-salesy and provide helpful information to your audience.

Therefore you need to place the affiliate links tactically over your website and content.

Here I provide you with 53 best places to promote affiliate product links on-site and off-site of your website. I am sure, after applying these methods you will get huge clicks and sales!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we get a small commission if you make a purchase from these links. This doesn’t cost you more than the actual cost. – thanks for your support!

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how to promote affiliate links for free

Promote affiliate products on your blog website

There are a lot of opportunities to use your blog website for placing affiliate links. This is the best place where you get a lot of audiences and visibility.

These effective methods help you to get more clicks and hence more sales.

#1 Use the traditional method

Writing helpful post is the best way to recommend products. Write a well-informative post and recommend a product as the solution to the user problem. Add the affiliate link of the product within the content or use the call to action button at the end or middle of the post.

#2 Make use of the affiliate banner

Place affiliate banners related to the post you write. Do not accumulate with too many banners or long and big banners. Add medium-sized or small banners relevant to the post to grab the attention of the reader.

#3 Redirect to merchant's website

Instead of using product affiliate links, redirect the page to merchant's website where they explain their product and make your visitors to buy the product.

Make sure you use the affiliate link to redirect so that it will get tracked. 

#4 Create a landing page

Creating a landing page for the affiliate option is a clever way to make your visitors click the affiliate link.

There should not any distractions like header menu, sidebar, footer or any other links. There should be one call to action button where the user goes to the product page or merchant website.

#5 Place affiliate link in the header menu

If you are focusing on a particular product then place the affiliate link directly on the menu with the title as click here or start here or keyword related to the product. Make sure to make it as a no-follow link.

#6 Place the money post sticky

If you have any particular post through which you are making more money, then place that as the featured post at the top, header menu and at the sidebar.

#7 Use Amazon ads effectively

If you are an Amazon affiliate, make use of the Amazon native ad. Place it at the top of every related post.

You can also place the suggested products at the bottom of every post or above the comments section. Sometimes users will be interested to take a look at the suggested products.

But these products should be related to your post. If you are writing about 'how to switch from feeding bottle to sippy cups', then you suggest different types of sippy cups at the end of the post.

#8 Create an affiliate e-store

Create a separate shopping page to sell a group of affiliate products. If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, then with the help of the WooCommerce plugin create a store for affiliate products.

You can add products from different merchants in one place and make it as your own store. You can create the affiliate e-store as a sub domain to your website.

In my parenting website, I created a shopping page with categories like baby care products, kids clothing etc. I mentioned those links in the related post and asked my visitors to check the latest products from different merchants.

Suppose if you are writing a review about an electronic product, you can set up your store with a category for accessories required for that product.

#9 Create affiliate links for keywords

While adding affiliate links within content, place it in the keywords. Cloak the affiliate link with thirsty affiliates or pretty link and give keyword as the product name. When the user skims your pages, these affiliate links will get notified.

#10 Link to product reviews 

It is good to link for the product reviews in the merchant's site. This works well for Amazon, where you direct the link to review of the product.

Your visitors can read those reviews directly from Amazon and make a purchase.

#11 Write all types of review posts

Do write all types of review posts and add the affiliate links.

  • Complete in-depth reviews
  • Negative reviews
  • Controversial reviews
  • Reviews for the list of products belong to a similar category

#12 Write comparison posts for multiple products

Compare two products and write a post. You can also compare multiple products in a single post and leave it to the user to choice.

Use the chart and tables for comparing products and place the affiliate links along with each product. This gets more attention than paragraphs and texts.

When you write this type of post, the reader will check all the products at once and decide their need at that moment itself.

#13 Write product list or round up post

Write a post listing the best or top 25 tools or products helpful for your audience. Place the affiliate links for all the products.


#14 Write the magic posts

Writing tutorials and how to guides is the most popular way to make more affiliate sales. Your audience will always love the tutorials and how to posts. 

#15 Write sticky resource post

Write helpful resource posts or post on the list of products you love most and helpful to your audience. Stick this post on the top and on the header menu.

#16 Place a product content box within the post

If you are focusing on a particular product sale or any helpful products, create a content box mentioning the use of the product with an affiliate link and include it in all your post.

Example, you can mention the resources you have used and how you got benefited from it. 

This makes the reader gain trust in the product and they make a purchase.

#17 Create deals and coupons page

Create a separate page for deals and coupons for all the products you promote and add the page in the header menu. You can also place the link within the content for the relevant post.

For example, if you are writing a post on 'cheap web hosting services', then you can mention this deal page within the post.

#18 Add affiliate links to images

Most of them have the tendency to click the images in the content. You can add affiliate links to images relevant to the product within the post.

Do not add affiliate links for all images. It is good to add only for certain images related to the product you recommend. 

#19 Mention affiliate links in the reply comments

When you reply to the comments of your own post, you can mention the affiliate link of the product if it is relevant and helpful to the person who commented.

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Promote affiliate links on social networks

Sharing affiliate links on the social networks is the smart option to promote affiliate products without a website. Many people are earning hugely from social networks with a large followers.

You can use both website and social media to promote affiliate products.

#8 is the easiest way to make more sales directly with your affiliate links.

How to promote affiliate links on Facebook

#1 Facebook page

When you have a larger audience on your Facebook page, it is worth placing the affiliate links of the product on the page. It works well when you mention any deals and offers for the product.

#2 Facebook group

Some of the Facebook group allows posting the affiliate link in their group. Mention the landing page link, when the affiliate link is not allowed.


#3 Add merchant's video on your Facebook page

You can add merchant's video of how to use or tutorial videos with your affiliate links on your Facebook page.

Videos are widely shared across Facebook by people. There is a lot of chance for clicks and sales.

#4 Facebook group comments

Interact and help fellow bloggers by replying their queries in the Facebook group. Mention the helpful products using the affiliate link in the comments section.

Use the landing page link when the group has restriction to use the affiliate link.

#5 Instagram bio

Similar to twitter bio, place the landing page of the product in the Instagram bio.

How to promote affiliate links on Twitter

#6 Twitter post

In the twitter post, along with the regular blog post share, you can share affiliate links of the products you recommend.

#7 Twitter bio

In the twitter bio, you can place the landing page of the product.

How to promote affiliate links on Pinterest

#8 Use pin to get direct affiliate sales

Pinterest not only brings more traffic to your website also helps to make affiliate sale easy for any niche. Pinterest allows you to pin the affiliate links directly.

You need to mention in the description that you are pinning the affiliate link. It is mandatory to specify in clear terms that you will earn some money if your visitors buy from your affiliate link.

This e-book on Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest provides all the strategy to make money with affiliate links on Pinterest. After applying these strategies I was able to make a good amount of affiliate sale from Pins.

#9 Pinterest description

Place the landing page link in the Pinterest description. Use bitly link so that it doesn't look ugly on your bio.

#10 Make a post for pins in Facebook page

Create pins for the specific type of products and post the link on your Facebook page. For example, if you are pinning latest makeup products in a particular board share the link in FB page. Ask your followers to share the post. I am sure you will get more page views and click.

#11 Create a collage pin

Create a collage image for affiliate products and share it along with the affiliate link. Make sure you mention in the description that you are using affiliate links in the pin.

#12 Use landing page in Ads

Utilize all the social media and search engine ads effectively. Mention the landing page link instead of your website link in all the ads.

Learn how to create a conversion-focused landing page

I believe you will stay with me until the end to find all the smart ways and get benefited.

Placing Affiliate links off-site website

Other than your website, affiliate links can be used in several places.

#1  Use your E-mail list

The e-mail list is the best resource for making affiliate sales. You can share affiliate links with your list in the following ways.

  1. Send about the product details with affiliate links ( only products which allow sending affiliate links in the email)
  2. Share landing page link
  3. Share coupons and deals page
  4. Affiliate link list page
  5. Send details whenever you get an offer for the product 
  6. Regular blog post

#2 E-mail signature

If you are promoting any high ticket affiliate products, place the landing page link for the product in the e-mail signature.

#3 E-book

The e-book is the best place to share product details with the affiliate link directly to your audience. Mention about the product wherever possible and relevant within the content.

Do not stuff the content with affiliate links. Recommend useful products with useful meaty content.

#4 Freebies

Suggest useful affiliate products in your freebies like PDF, printables, courses for collecting leads.

#5 Online course

Share affiliate links on the online course which you are selling to your audience. Recommending useful products with how to guides is the better way to get more sales.

#6 Forums

You cannot place the affiliate links directly in the forums. Provide useful answers for the questions asked in the forums like Quora answers, yahoo answers, Reddit, warrior, etc. Recommend product as the solution and place an affiliate link or the landing page link.


#7 YouTube videos

YouTube has the scope for larger audience where you can share the affiliate links in the description for the related videos. You can also share the affiliate link in Vimeo.

#8 YouTube comments

It is a good opportunity to place affiliate links in the YouTube comments section. You can also place in other's video comments. Do not spam other's comments section with affiliate links. Provide useful comments and suggest affiliate products.

#9 Comment on other blogger's post

Provide useful comments on other bloggers post and give an affiliate link or landing page link if it is really useful for the readers. Remember not to spam with affiliate links.

#10 Podcast

The podcast is another way to mention affiliate products and links to your audience.

#11 Take advantage of guest post

This is a great way to promote affiliate products to an entirely different and larger audience. If you have full freedom to write the post on your own way, take advantage and use affiliate links. Again remember!  you should not stuff too much of affiliate links in the post.

#12 Text message

This works well with your close friends and family. If you believe any affiliate products will be helpful to your friends and close circle share it with them using text message or whats app.

I use to share affiliate links for baby products to my close friends and ask them to buy from my links.

#13 Infographic post

When you create infographics for any post or product guides, mention the affiliate link in the infographics. When it is shared with a lot of people and the post is really useful people will try to search the product with the affiliate link.

You can also create a post for infographics with the affiliate link in your Facebook page and share it across to your audience.

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Seasonal promotion

During special occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year etc, there will be lots of deals available for affiliate products.

Use these clever ideas to make more sales during holiday seasons.

#1 Make use of your asset

Your subscribers are your assets. Use them wisely during this period. They are your true fans who buy the product believing you. It is important to recommend only helpful and reliable products for them.

Send seasonal promotions, deals and offers to them and explain how it is useful and how they can save money when they buy during the offer period.

#2 Write blog post related to deals and offers

Write blog posts related to offers and deals and share it with your audience. It is good to prepare ahead of the season. Most of the merchant's start giving the offer code or promotional offer ahead.

#3 Create a dedicated page for offer products

Create a separate page and include all the products which have offers. Include all the coupon and promotional code. Share it with your email list and in the social networks.

#4 Remove the related post section

Create a small table with high tickets affiliate products and place them in the sidebar. Remove related and featured post section from the sidebar and place this table and affiliate banners with seasonal offers.

#5 Replace ads with affiliate links

If you placed any ads on your website, it is time to remove. Replace all the ads section with affiliate links and banners. Create your own image and add affiliate links to it.

#6 Place affiliate links table in between and end of posts

Create a table with products and affiliate links. Place it in between the post & end of every post to share it with your audience.

It is good to categorize the products and place them in the related post rather than placing random products not related to the blog post.

#7 Mention clickable offers

If you have any product offers related to the post, mention that within the content.

Example, up to 58% offer available. Click here for the lowest price, etc

This works well with all types of people who read your post.

#8 Actively share in social media

Make an extra effort to share all your landing pages for affiliate marketing, promotional videos, blog posts, deal pages everything in social media. Use all types of media, forums to share and get more visibility on the offer.

#9 Create a deal pop-up

Create a pop-up and slide-ins for the deals and add it in all your posts. You can also make a printable or document to list the offers and give it as a freebie to the website visitors.

Great, that you read till the end! Here is your bonus tips.


1. Underline and highlight the affiliate links. Use blue color for affiliate links to get the attention of the reader.

2. Do not use bitly for affiliate links. You will not be able to track the affiliate sales properly

3. Some affiliate programs like Amazon do not allow to share affiliate links in the email and social media. Use a landing page or create a page dedicated for affiliate products or coupons page and share with your email list and social media followers.

Final Words

I hope these ideas will help you to use affiliate links effectively and make more sales. It is impossible to apply all these ideas together.

Select ideas which are suitable for your niche and apply it. I am sure you will see improvement in your income report. Good luck!

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    2 years ago

    By George, this is the most complete guide to successful affiliate marketing that I have ever read, and trust me I’ve read a lot! Many thanks are in order. I don’t even know where to begin. It’s plenty of work, so people shouldn’t always treat affiliate marketers as if they just open their arms and the money just drops from the sky. What I really need to focus more is writing not only positive articles but also negative ones. I’ve heard that suggestion in a YouTube video before but disregarded it, because I wasn’t sure that writing something negative would have positive effects. You’ve convinced me, however.

    Thank you so much for all this wonderful information. I’ll be back for more…Your page is bookmarked 😉

    Sending you much happiness and abundance of all good things.



    • Kavitha
      2 years ago

      Thank you, Keryn.
      Negative reviews works if you write tactically. You should write negative points and gradually take the reader to the positive side and leave the judgement to the audience. Initially, it is difficult to write negative reviews. With practice, you can write a good negative review which makes sales.

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      Thanks, Dennis. All the best for your new journey in Affiliate marketing.

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    Hello, And I just have to say WOW!!Just this article is going to help me soooo much with my own website. You literally have almost everything covered to get more traffic to the affiliate links.
    Do you have an article on how to do: deal pop up? I see it on many websites but do not know how to do it yet.
    Again awesome article with golden information.
    Thank you for taking the time to make such a great post.
    God bless.

    • Kavitha
      2 years ago

      Thanks, Sharriv. You can create deal pop up in 2 ways
      1. You create a pop up with thrive architect event element and redirect to deal page (which you have already created).
      2. Create a form in convertkit and send deals and offers in pdf to your audience.
      In the first method, you are just giving the deal details. In the 2nd method, you can collect leads by giving the list of products which has deals.
      You can try both the methods also. It’s all trial & error and we should find out where we get more conversion.
      Thrive Architect

  • Thank you so much for these great tips! I have been struggling getting people to click through on affiliate links. I really like the comment about making post with affiliate links “sticky” on my website. That way they are more visible to people visiting my website who didn’t click directly on the post!

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    2 years ago

    Some great ideas here! some I need to use myself.

    However, a slight addition to number 9, which is a great tip. I cloak all the time for esthetic purposes – looks so much better.


    You should never..I mean NEVER cloak an amazon link as it is against their TOS and, the Boy Bezos is fairly handy with his ban hammer!.

    Cloak links, sure but not Amazon links.

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