How to Make Money by Writing a Blog?

How to make money by writing a blog?

Many people have this question in their mind.

People wonder whether they can really make money writing from home. Blogging has been evolved as a business more than writing. 

People get paid to write articles. They  write blogs for money and make a living.

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How to Make Money by Writing a Blog?

What is blogging?

Blogging is providing a solution to the problem, sharing useful information to a particular group of people.

Suppose, you write a post on “Best food for lactating mother”. You are sharing useful information about the best food to eat for lactating mothers.

Here your audience is new mothers. You are writing for them. You are providing some helpful tips to them.

Therefore your goal should be to help the audience with your blog. When you focus on helping your audience, you build trust.

This trust will help to grow your blog in turn, you make money.

What is a niche?

The crucial step in blogging is to decide on what topic or niche you are going to write about.

Niche means a group of people in particular geographical areas or industry or age groups interested in a specific topic.

You need to choose which niche is suitable for you to write for the long term.

Most people say you need to choose topics which you are interested to write.

Because you should have a passion to write on topics and do not lose interest as days go.

But it is also important that you should make money out of what you write. Hence choose your niche wisely based on these 4 qualities.

 Four qualities of blog niche:

  1. Passion-You must have an interest in your niche. Choose a blog niche such that you must be interested to gain knowledge on that over the period of time.
  2. Trending topics- Identify niche which has topics that might go trending and viral in the future.
  3. Large search- Find a niche where people search largely for a solution. Get high demand blog topics.
  4. Profitable- Choose a niche which has real business value and provides a profit.

My first blog is about parenting. Since I was a new mother, I was passionate to write about motherhood and share tips for other new parents.

Parenting is always an evergreen topic and has a large audience. It is also the most profitable niche.

There are a lot of topics to write on parenting, from baby care to teen parenting.

A huge amount of products are available to recommend for my audience to shop. Hence I decided to write on parenting.

Decide your niche wisely so that you can sustain with that for the long term.

Click here to find methods to choose blog niche and more details.

 Ways to make money from a blog

Before you start a blog you must know how you can earn money with a blog. This gives an idea,  what kind of approach you should take towards your blog.

When you have a blogging website with a good amount of audience you can make money with these 5 ways

  1.  Affiliate Marketing
  2. Online course
  3. Selling digital products
  4. Selling physical products
  5. Adsense

Affiliate Marketing

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is selling other people’s product through your website and earning a commission for the sale.

Most of the bloggers earn money with Affiliate marketing. It is one of the best ways to make money initially as a blogger. Some people dedicatedly build their website for affiliate marketing.

You need to write blog posts about the products related to your niche. You can write product reviews, how to use the product or tutorial posts, and helpful posts suggesting the product as a solution for a problem.

When your audience buys the product from the link from your website, you earn a commission.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms to learn affiliate marketing as a beginner. They have 50 lessons right from starting a website, providing hosting service, keyword research tool, webinar sessions, networking, 24/7 support, live chat and a lot more.

My #1 recommendation for affiliate marketing training is Wealthy Affiliate

Online course

In this method, you don't need to write many posts or articles like affiliate marketing. You will be putting all your knowledge, tips and ideas as an e-course.

Let’s say, your niche is about weight loss. Then you can create a weight loss program for your audience.

If you are writing about cooking, then create e-course on secret recipes for losing weight or special breakfast recipes etc.

After creating e-course, get your true audience and sell the course. There are lots and lots of people doing this type of online business and earning in 6-figures.

Though you get a lot of money through this method, you need to sweat your blood out to build it. All these online entrepreneurs who make money with online courses worked very hard in their initial days.

The good thing about an online course is it is the one-time effort and also the toughest one!

I suggest choosing this option only if you are confident and have enough knowledge about your niche.

Teachable is the best place to create an online course. They teach you how to create your own profitable online course in the next 3 months for FREE!

Selling digital products

You can create e-books, audios, useful PDF and printables on the topics related to your niche and sell it to your audience.

When you write e-books, it must be in-depth covering all about the topic and should be useful for your audience.

The book should be worth the price you sell. When your audience loves your work and it is worth the cost, they will gain trust and come back to you again and again.

You can sell all your digital products using SendOwl.

Selling physical products

Similar to digital products, you can also sell physical products to your audience. Again this is possible only if you have a trusted audience for you.

There are 2 ways you can sell physical products.

  1. When you have a blog with targeted visitors you can sell your own product on the blog website.
  2. Create a dedicated website for selling physical products like an e-store

In the first option, you can have a separate section for the store on your website and sell your products related to your niche. Example, if you are writing about DIY gifts, you can also sell your own gift products on your website.

If you are using a WordPress website, then woocommerce is the best choice to create a store along with the blog

Another option is you set up an e-store with Shopify and just sell your products. You do not need to write any blog post.


You can monetize your blog by placing ads on your website. Google Adsense is the most profitable one. After you create a website with some content you can apply for Adsense.

Some times Google might not approve your website to place ads. There are many alternatives like infolinks, mediavine, etc are available.

You will get money only if you have a huge amount of traffic to your website and also this is not much profitable as affiliate marketing or others.

Once you create a website you can make money with any of the particular ways or you can earn through all these options. Many bloggers use 2 to 3 of these methods to earn from the blog and it is highly profitable.

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How long does a blog take to make money?

Many people have the wrong assumption that they can make money with a blog quickly and easily.

Rome wasn't built in a day. You should build your empire step by step and strongly.

Blogging has become more strategic. Hence it is important to learn and update your knowledge about blogging techniques and on your niche or topic which you are writing about.

Write useful articles and apply SEO techniques. Once you get a consistent amount of traffic you will start to earn gradually.

It will take at least 3 to 6 months to make your first income. If you work hard and write consistently, you will make a regular income from 8 months to 1 year.

Can I start a blog for free?

Definitely, you can start a free blog with WordPress or blogger. If you are writing for a hobby or not in the intention to make money then a free blog is fine.

But when you are serious to make money it is advisable to start your own blog.

You will have control over the self-hosted blog and also it helps to gain authority for your website. Hence I recommend starting your own blog.

It is good to plan which way you are going to choose to monetize and prepare accordingly.

As a beginner,  start with affiliate marketing and then move gradually to other options of monetization.

15 Responses to “How to Make Money by Writing a Blog?

  • I’ve been making a bit of money with my blog this year! I have affiliate links, ads, and made my first recipe book a few months ago. It’s so great to make an income on something I love doing!

  • I recently started my blog, your tips are very helpful and easy to understand. Thank you so much for sharing

  • I just recently started my blog and so far I have Adsense but I am not earning that much from ads yet. I also have affiliates but I haven’t earn from it. I do love writing about my travels though and earning from it was not the main reason why I started my blog, I’m just happy that I can also somehow earn from doing something that I love

  • My blog is about 7 months in and driving traffic to my blog seems the biggest hurdle to clear. I have Adsense and some affiliate links but could definitely benefit by checking out Wealthy Affiliate. Making money wasn’t a priority but it does help defray the cost of adventures and running the blog.

  • Fran Jorgensen
    7 months ago

    What a great post! Blogging is still very new to me and I am enjoying the ride … I am slowly getting used to the continuous changes done to each platform

  • These are some great tips for someone who wants to start a blog! A right niche is quit important to be successful

  • I’m constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and ways to monetize my site especially with just starting out. Every article has something new and unique to offer and this was no exception. Thank you for the advice!

  • Such a helpful post especially for newbie bloggers! Great info!

  • Writing a blog is definitely a great way to work from home. It is much harder than most people think it will be, but worth it.

  • Writing a blog can be so much fun…especially if you are able to make money from it. It’s a great income source.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for taking the time to talk about all of these different things we can do to be able to make money with our blogs. Right now I have been writing just because I love to share with readers about everything in life. This is nice to know that if one day I can and want to try to monetize my blog, it is something we can do.

    Thank you

  • Elizabeth O
    7 months ago

    Blogging can be a great way to connect with others, to grow and learn. It brings people together and fuels our creativity. Monetization is one aspect of the process but there is more to it than that.

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