How To Create Landing Pages With WordPress [That Converts High]

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Are you the person who tries to sell your product or affiliate products with your website but did not have the expected conversion rate?

Here you have a solution to increase your conversion rate drastically!

When you create high converting landing pages on your website, you can increase your sales in a noticeable effect. Some of the online marketers are accomplishing more than 11.45% conversion rate with landing pages.

Here, I am going to show you how to create landing pages with WordPress using Thrive architect Page Builder which will increase your sales in a rapid speed!

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What is Landing Page ?

The Landing Page is a web page created with a single objective for marketing the product to your website visitors through advertising campaigns, social networks, etc. The sole purpose of this page is to convert and to get leads.

3 Types of conversion-focused landing pages

There are three types of landing pages which help to increase your sale and attract leads.

  • 1
    Direct Sale page
  • 2
    Lead Generation page
  • 3
    Sales Funnel page

Thrive architect has conversion-focused easy drag and drop landing page builder. You can select a suitable page from their 274 landing page templates.

Let's dive in..

Create High Converting Landing Using Thrive Architect

Direct Sale Page

It is the landing page designed with the focus of sale.

  • Go to pages in WordPress and click Add New
  • Write the title and click save draft
  • Click Launch Thrive Architect. Thrive page will open in new a tab.
  • Click change template icon on the right side.
  • You will get a pop-up window to choose landing page templates. Let's select Lime template.
  • You have 8 types of templates available. Select the sales landing page.
  • In the sales page, add a short video about your product. If you don't wish to add video, you can remove the video part.
  • Call to action (CTA) button is above the fold which helps for the immediate sale.
  • Add the download link or product page link in the CTA button.
  • Add the details, features, image and testimonials of your product.
  • You have another CTA button at the bottom for your buyers.
  • Your landing page is ready! Save the page and hit publish.

    You have another template 'video sales page', where you add only the video about your product and a CTA button for sale.

    Isn't it simple?

    Features of Sales page

    • This type of landing page is focused to get an immediate conversion.
    • You can convert all your traffic into sales directly.
    • This landing page is mostly used with the only goal of selling products.
    • Most e-commerce websites use direct sale landing pages.

    How to Create Landing Pages with WordPress using Thrive Architect Page Builder

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    Lead Generation Page

    With lead generation page you convert your visitors into subscribers.

    The sole purpose of the page is to capture the details such as email, first name, etc of your visitors. Then build a relationship with your subscribers through email and promote sales.

    There are 3 pages involved in this.

    • Opt-in page
    • Confirmation page
    • Download page

    Opt-in Page

    • Create 3 new pages as Opt-in page, Download page and Confirmation page and click save draft.
    • Open confirmation page and launch thrive architect.
    • Choose confirmation page from the template.
    • Modify the text accordingly, save and publish.
    • Open download page and launch thrive architect.
    • Choose download page from the template.
    • Fill the details about your offer. Save the page and publish.
    • Open opt-in page and launch thrive architect.
    • Choose the lead generation page from the template.
    • Provide the details about your offer such as how to guides or e-books. You can find the sign-up column where your visitors subscribe to get your offer.
    • When you select the download button, on the left-hand side you can see the option 'Connect Form to Service'.
    • When you click that, you get a pop-up to connect the API of the email service.
    There are a lot of email service tools available such as Constant constant, Convertkit, etc. Currently, I use MailChimp to collect leads. Since I already added the email service, it is getting displayed here.
    • Click 'Add new API connections'.
    • It will take to thrive dashboard. Click Add new connection.
    • Select the email service and add the API key provided to you by the email service. Now the email service will get added to your thrive dashboard.
    • Select the API connection and fill the details. Choose the type double optin.
    • Next, select the form fields.
    • Then select the post opt-in action as redirect to custom URL. Paste the URL of the confirmation page and save.

    After sign up, the user will be redirected to the confirmation page where they will be asked to check their email.

    Redirect the user to download page from their email to get your offer.

    Features of Lead Generation Page

    • Using lead generation page you can target the right audience with ad campaigns and social networks.
    • You generate leads by offering e-books, free trial, guides, access to tutorial videos, etc using the landing page.
    • You build a long term relationship with your audience.

     How to Create Landing Pages with WordPress using Thrive Architect Page Builder

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    Sales Funnel page

    With this advanced marketing technique, you can capture leads and do sales.

    • Creating a sales funnel page is similar to the lead generation page.
    • Instead of offering free downloads or guides you will be redirecting your visitors to the product page to buy.
    • This may have 3 to 4 step funnel depends on the product and the user.

    The user trusts the process and going to the product page to buy. This way I am building long term relationship with my audience.

    Features of sales funnel page

    • This is the relationship building page where the traffic of your website will become your subscribers and buyers. 
    • It is possible to convert warm leads into sales.
    • You can do A/B testing with the landing page for more conversion.

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    Landing Page Best Practices and Tips


    No Distraction

    There should not be any distractions on the landing page. Do not add menu or categories in the header. The user should focus only on the product.


    Simple landing page

    Make your landing page simple and clear. Add only the required details. Too much information and unwanted details will make the user leave your page.


    Call to Action (CTA)

    Use contrast colour for CTA button. This will gain the attention of the user to buy the product. Place the CTA button above the fold and at the end.


    Be straight forward

    Use straight forward words like 'start free trial', 'Buy now' in the CTA button.


    Contact details

    Provide contact information for your visitors to reach you. This provide trust in your service.


    Headlines and words

    Try different headlines and choice of words on the landing page. Doing A/B testing will help to increase your conversion.



    Optimize your landing page for SEO. Use target keywords related to your niche on the landing page. This helps to get organic traffic for your website.

    It is easy and effortless to create landing pages with Thrive Architect Page Builder.

    I believe this article is useful to you. Drop your comments and questions in the comments section.

    15 Responses to “How To Create Landing Pages With WordPress [That Converts High]

    • Hi there, I like this idea. You are very thorough in explaining what types of pages you have. I wonder if a landing page can be used for any website or blog and if mine would benefit from it. I really like the idea of having page for the sole purpose of sales. This could increase profits drastically. Thanks so much for sharing.

      • Kavitha
        2 years ago

        Yes, Jen. Landing page brings profit if you want o sell your products directly. Sales funnel will help in the long-term. Though it takes the time it builds a relationship with your audience.

    • Very well written. Also, very informative. Love the illustrations, step-by-step instructions, and the over all professionalism of the page. Thank you for taking the time to showcase the info.

    • Great, I just love posts like yours. It’s really easy to read and you also put very nice picuters and step by spet how you need to do. Really good. You are doing great !

    • Todd P Matthews
      2 years ago

      It’s really that simple, too. I’ve often struggled with landing pages because I’ve never really had a blueprint from which to work, but thrive makes it so much easier than what it looks. I once spent an entire day trying to create a landing page, not knowing it was more of a simplified process. I have a third site in the works, and that one will require a landing page. The other site I have might be good with an opt-in, but nothing more than that, while the first site I created can do without. Simply due to the niche.

    • I have bookmarked this page for future reference! I am by no means technologically talented. This is a step by step, straightforward training process. It really makes the process appear seamless.

    • Cherry Parks
      2 years ago

      You really broke it down. As I am working on my fist now. I am trying do hard not to get to frustrate with the process. It is so much to learn ans it can get overwhelming at times. I am going to say the link to review back when I need it. Can I contact you for additional assistance? I know I will need it.

      • Kavitha
        2 years ago

        Hi Cherry,
        Thrive landing page is easy and simple to create. You can contact me for any assistance.
        You can also follow my facebook page and get connected with me.

    • Hello, and thank you for your informative article. I’ve been searching around the web for good wordpress plugins to make landing pages and popups the last day. I tried Pluginops since it was free, but I’m not completely satisfied (however, it can be upgraded to premium). But wonder if I should rather go for the one you recommend, but should search a little more around before buying.

      Is it Thrive architect Page Builder you’ve also used for the animation in this article? (such as click-to-action buttons and other things)?

      I have bookmarked this site and liked Your facebook page 🙂

      • Kavitha
        2 years ago

        Hi Erland,
        I use Thrive page builder for creating landing pages, all posts, pages and animations. According to me, Thrive architect is the all in one plugin where I get everything in one place. Definitely, this plugin will satisfy all your blogging needs.
        Thanks for the facebook like. I believe you get the thrive plugin and get benefited like me!
        You can check this article on how to monetize with thrive plugin?

        • Thank you very much for your reply and link. I’ll read the page.

          It is very good to have as much in a plugin as Thrive page builder, so don’t have to install many different types.

    • Gwendolyn J
      1 year ago

      Wow, 53 ideas. My brain is swimming with different things I can do to improve affiliate link clicks.

      I have been considering creating a landing page, and with your info, it should get done sooner rather than later. I was not quite sure how to implement it, or where. Now I do, thanks to you!

      I don’t want to load the page down with too many plugins but Thrive looks like one I need.
      I’m also curious how you got the Facebook & Twitter “Join our group” banner. I have been looking for something like that all over.
      Mind if I pick your brain a bit about it?

      All in all, great info I will be putting to use.
      Thank you so much for sharing.
      Gwendolyn J

      • Kavitha
        1 year ago

        Hey Gwendolyn,
        Thanks for reading the post. As you said, thrive architect replaces most of the plugins for me. I use button element from thrive and added the facebook page link in it. I suggest getting thrive architect to make your life easier!

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