10 Tips on how to create an engaging content [to make your readers glue-stick]

What makes so special that audience glue-stick to some of the articles or books?

Because they are awe-inspiring and the audience cannot resist to move down the page and read till the end.

So how do you write that kind of mind-blowing articles in your blog?

There is no big secret on how to create an engaging content.

There are certain ways to follow along with writing quality content. This will make your reader stick to your page till the end and also make them navigate other pages of your website!

Astonishing, isn't it?

Here we go...

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 Tips on how to write an engaging content

The first step in writing an article is to select the right keyword, probably SEO keyword. Then writing an attractive title and developing quality content over it.

The biggest challenge after the reader clicks your post is to make the reader engage with your article and call them for action.

This can happen only when the reader feels delighted with your content and do what you say, like sharing your content, write comments or buy the product.

Use these ten powerful tips to create an engaging content.

#7 will be Mind-blowing!

#1 Write an Impressive Introduction

Nowadays people do not have the patience to read the content word by word. So, your introduction must be impactful and impressive that the reader decides to read further.

People hunt for information. If they not able to find what they want in the content they will leave your page immediately.

Hence, do not waste time by writing a big intro or telling indirectly about your topic. Come to the point immediately. Tell about your topic within 100 words of your article.

#2 Add Image and Table of contents

Add image in the first fold of the content. This creates an impact on the article. Readers take a break on the image and look for content. This makes them scroll down the page for more information.

When you add an image before the first fold it is better to avoid adding the featured image for the article as this occupies more space than content.

If you are writing content with many subheadings it is good to add the table of content. Readers will know what is inside the content and if the subheadings seem to be impressive or the information what they look for they will go into your article.

#3 Grab Reader's Attention

Grab your reader's attention by providing any shocking or thrilling facts or data. Collect interesting details and statistics about the recent happenings or trending topics related to your niche and add to your content in the relevant area.

Latest news on the topic will take hold of reader's interest. Since they already heard about the news, they will be interested to look what you have said about it.

Tips to Write an Engaging Content which makes your readers Glue-stick!

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#4 Write an Emotional content

engaging content

You may wonder why you need to write an emotional content?

When the reader gets emotionally attached to the article he cannot resist reading further.

When your content gives an emotional attachment to the readers either happy, sad or inspiring they will relate themselves to the article. Therefore writing content with an emotion will make your readers feel devoted to your page.

So how to make your content emotional?

Here's the secret!

When you add emotional words or power words in your content, it brings the mood of that particular emotion. In Jon Morrow's blog Smartblogger, he provided the list of power words which can be used in the content.

Using these words can be the effortless way of creating an emotional post for your readers.

Tips to Write an Engaging Content which makes your readers Glue-stick!

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#5 Provide Well-ordered Presentation

Though it sounds simple, it is important to take care of how you present your content. Follow these simple tips to make your content presentable.

  1. Write in short paragraphs.
  2. Leave space between sentences.
  3. Use subheadings.
  4. Use a white background and black colour font.
  5. Write in points.
  6. Write long content with 1200 to 1500 plus words.
  7. Use images relevant to your content.
  8. Present charts and graphs in the necessary area.
  9. Write without spelling and grammar mistakes.
  10. Avoid more ads and pop-ups.
  11. Remove unnecessary links.

Tips to Write an Engaging Content which makes your readers Glue-stick!

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#6 Speak with your readers

How to write an engaging content

Create conversational content. When you write like speaking with your reader they will get involved in the content and follow you. Mention 'you' instead of 'we'. Write for every single visitor rather than writing for the whole audience.

When you right as a story or share your personal experience it will create an impact that you are genuine and this develop trust on you. Also writing content in the story form will make interesting to read.

Narrative or story writing will make readers emotionally attach to your content and they will follow your commands, especially when you want to make sales.

#7 Make your content irresistible using grease-slide phrases

You can make seductive writing which makes your content irresistible for your readers. This can be done using grease-slide phrases. When you use these phrases in your content, readers will slide down to the page uncontrollably.

Using bucket-brigades or grease-slide phrases in the content is a technique used by copywriters. They write the sales letter to make it more powerful and magnetic.

As a blogger, you can use these magic phrases to power-up the article and make the readers engaging and glue-stick to your content.

Tips to Write an Engaging Content which makes your readers Glue-stick!

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#8 Make your content Professional

Blogging has been evolved from just a hobby to a profession. You are developing content to help others and in turn, you make money. Hence you must create a thorough professional content.

Enhance your content with colourful & professional images, videos, infographics and memes. This will make your content a pro article and readers will be delighted to read!

Creating infographics is a tedious task, yet it is the most powerful way to convey the idea. When people like the infographics they will automatically share the content in social networks and it might go viral. Thus you can get a huge amount of traffic.

Videos are another form to portray your content. It can be used as another form to get traffic. You can re-create the same content as video and attach in your content. Some people wish to watch videos than reading.

Pro tip: Make a video for the most awesome part of your content.

For example, say you are writing '25 tips for saving money'. Write 20 tips as a writing part and 5 most important tips in the video. Mention in the content the most important tips are provided in the video. As mentioned your video must contain the best part of the content.

This makes the readers spend more time in your page and your bounce rate of that page will also increase.

Tips to Write an Engaging Content which makes your readers Glue-stick!

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#9 Create an interactive post

When you interact with your audience they will get engaged and also entertained with your article. By adding a quiz, puzzles you can make your readers interactive. 

Adding banners image, call outs and testimonials will make the readers spend more time on your page.

#10 Call your readers to take action

This is the most crucial part of your content if you are an Affiliate marketer  or want to make money with the blog. When your readers got impressed with the article they will come to the point to do the call of action.

Adding big or most attractive buttons for call to action will get the attention of your readers.

You can check out my review about the Wealthy Affiliate where you can see attention seeking Call to action button.

You can ask your visitors to the call of action for

  1. Buying the recommended or your own products
  2. Joining a course
  3. Buying your e-books
  4. Sharing your content
  5. Sharing their comments

Tips to Write an Engaging Content which makes your readers Glue-stick!

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Three magical ways of writing an interesting article

Every blogger or writer has their own style of writing. They follow different ways to write an interesting article.

Here I will share three types of writing style which make your article captivating.

Inverted Pyramid

The linear form of writing is the usual practice where you start with the problem statement, provide details and all data related to that and in the end, you give a solution to that problem.

In the inverted pyramid style, you begin with the conclusion.

In the introduction part, you provide an answer to the question or solution to a problem directly. Then you provide supporting information for the solution. Then explain elaborately about the problem with data and statistics.

In this style of writing, you are revealing the secret above the fold which makes the reader feel excited and scroll down till the end.

Let's see an example. You are writing an article about 'which type of bottle is best for babies'.  Start the content with the list of best bottles. Then explain why these bottles are best for babies. Then elaborate on the general details of using bottles, pros and cons, why you need to use particular types of bottles.

When a person looking for the type of bottle to use gets the answer immediately after clicking your post. Then the person scrolls down the page to get more details.

This way you can create curiosity and make your content interesting for your readers.

Scannable Layout

In this type, tell your points directly and in a simple manner. Nowadays people do not have the patience to read. They scan the pages and look for the details or info they want.

Write the article thinking that people will scan your content for information they need. If you write big paragraphs and unwanted stories they get bored and leave your page.

Writing with bullet points or in short paragraphs with subheadings with one idea each will help the readers to get the point easily.

When you look at #5 in the above tips, you can see I have written each idea as a point in a simple way. Even when the readers skim the page, they will be able to get the idea about that particular point.

Story Writing

This is the most popular style of writing used by top bloggers or writers. They narrate a story and relate their topic to the story which makes the content more interesting to read.

When you tell a story, readers will relate themselves to the character in the story. They will follow the character as well as the content throughout the end. With this style of writing you can make the content emotional and if people like it this might go viral!

You can use this writing style to make your readers buy any product you recommend. Tell the problem as a story or your personal experience and how the product solved your problem. Explain to them when they buy that product their problem might get solved.

It is better to share your own experience. When you tell your story to people they relate their problem with yours and build trust in you and buy the product.

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The objective of every blogger is to create content that makes their readers feel happy and engaging. When you follow the above tips I am sure you will be able to build a powerful and engaging content for your readers.

Share if you got any other tips to make the content more engaging and captivating for the readers.

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  • Juvette
    2 years ago

    This is a very informative article!! I like the idea of adding video’s to content, I think this is a good option for people that are more visual learners. Great point about scannable layouts, I have to admit I find myself doing that myself when I read things!! I am definitely going to take this info on board when writing, thanks for sharing!!

  • Hi,

    Truly awesome and educational article. Very detailed. I think all the necessary tips in writing the best content are already incorporated here.

    Thank you for this article.

  • I also think of adding table of contents but sometimes it covers a lot of space and I don’t want that for the first fold of the page. What do you recommend for it? Should I just go for it?

    • Kavitha
      2 years ago

      Hi Furkan,
      When you write a post with many subheadings you can add tables. This will give an idea for the readers what are the topics you have covered. Otherwise not required.

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  • Brandon Cashell
    2 years ago

    Great article and super informative to anyone struggling to get engagement from the content they are writing. Thank you for the helpful information.

  • Danielle Packer
    2 years ago

    This is such a great post and I learnt a lot tbh! I am going to take some of your tips and implement them into my post as we speak! You are heaps easy to understand and I love the way you’ve set everything out, you walk the talk!

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