How to Choose a Blogging Niche Wisely to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Got a desire to start a blog but got stuck that what kind of blog should you start?

You are in a never-ending battle of how to choose a blogging niche that makes money.

I know the feeling. I had the same problem when I decided to create a blog. It took time to figure out what topic or niche is right for me.

So what is niche?

"Niche is defined as a "group of people in a particular geographical areas or industry or age groups interested in a specific topic". Niche blog or niche website is created based on the intent of the user.

When a person starts a blog it is difficult to stay with a particular niche for a long time. Some switch to another website or create many websites.

There are 2 reasons for that

  1. The first reason is, sometimes they get bored or feel like lack of content for their niche
  2. Another reason if they did not start to earn money on their niche they tend to go for a new niche.

Good for you! Here I have a solution to choose a suitable niche.

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How to select a blogging niche that takes your online business for a long run

In order to take your online business for a long run, your niche must have these four qualities

  1. Passion-You must have an interest in your niche. Choose a blog niche such that you must be interested to gain knowledge on that over the period of time.
  2. Trending topics- Identify niche which has topics that might go trending and viral in the future.
  3. Large search- Find a niche where people search largely for a solution. Get high demand blog topics.
  4. Profitable- Choose niche which has real business value and provides a profit.

Let's see an example. I have interest on 'PC Games'. There will be updates and trending discussions on PC games whenever there is a new release.

People who are interested in PC games will search for reviews or how to download. I will provide information through my website.

I also suggest game accessories like keyboard, game mouse, etc to buy from Amazon and other gaming stores to earn commission for the sale.

Have you got that straight?

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How to choose a blogging niche

Choose your Blogging Niche Wisely to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

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Let's take a further look at how to pick a blog topic.

Methods to Pick a Blog Topic

Method #3 is really fun!

Method 1- Turn your passion into the business

Make your interest or passion into the business.

  1. Take a pen and list out all your interests and hobbies.
  2. Rate yourself how much knowledge you have on each out of 5.
  3. Select all the topics which are above 3.
  4. Find out the topics in which you are interested to learn and know more about it.
  5. At this step, if you are selecting more than one topic, decide which one is you are more passionate about.

With these five steps, you must be able to make a decision on the niche for your blog.

Still not convinced?

Go for the next method.

Method 2- Daily routine as business

The simple truth is most of us like to write about what we do.

List out the topics which you are doing in your daily routine.

This may be anything: reading books, sports you play, playing the guitar, cooking, parenting, teaching, DIY artwork, etc.

It is better to choose what you do regularly as a niche. You have experience and knowledge about the topic.

Obviously, you will be interested to learn more on that. This will sustain for a longer period to make business.

Choose your Blogging Niche Wisely to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

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Method 3 - Trial and Error writing

I tried this method and even I was surprised at the result!

Use the first and second method to get a blog niche list.

If you are confused to decide between 2 niches or interested in more that one niche, follow the below steps.

  1. Create a free website 
  2. Write articles on any one niche until you get bored or lack of content.
  3. If you feel dried up on the topic and writing contents on this niche, stop it.
  4. Create another free website and start to write on another niche.
  5. If you are still not comfortable with 2 niches you can create another one.
  6. When you decide to take your blog to next level convert the free website into your own website.

This is a trial and error method. I tried this method and created free websites on many niches.

Over a period of time, I got interested in a particular niche and started to learn more about it. Gradually I am able to create more content.

Later, I converted that free website into my own and started as an online business.

There are few advantages on following this method.

  1. By the time you decide on taking one of your free websites to next level you already have a lot of contents in your blog.
  2. You can drive traffic and directly start making money with AdSense or affiliate marketing
  3. Now you have one or more free websites with a lot of content. If you wish to convert all your free website into your own website you can do it.
  4. You can turn all the free websites into business sites.
  5. It is easy to monetize all websites through Adsense.

This method takes a longer time. Go for this method if you want to start your business slowly or as part-time.

It is easy to create free websites with Siterubix. You can convert it into your business Website anytime.

Choose your Blogging Niche Wisely to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

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Hang on a minute!

Bear with me, because I'm going to show you the most important part!

Create high demand blog topics

When you do this you can find 10 times better blog topics that make money!

Let me explain. It is easier than you think.

Once you decide on a niche, narrow it down.

For instance, you choose 'fashion' as your niche. There are women fashion, men fashion, kids and teen fashion, etc.

If you choose 'teen fashion', you can further narrow it down to 'teen summer outfit', 'teen fashion accessories' etc.

Narrow down the niche and create content on that particular topic. Gain knowledge on that topic and create authority over Website.

If you start to write about 'teen outfit', cover all ideas about this topic. Then move to 'teen accessories'. It is good to focus on a particular niche and then broaden it.

There is a usual saying, no niche is a bad niche.

But to make a profitable website and to make money, it is important to choose your blog niche wisely.

Find your profitable niche and start to build your Website!

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15 Responses to “How to Choose a Blogging Niche Wisely to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

  • awad khaled
    2 years ago

    such an amazing blog , exactly what i was looking for ! especially i have been having quite hard time on figuring out what topic to choose , this blog make it easier for me and very helpful to determine my next step on writing my blog , since im still in the young stages on writing blogs , thanks a lot and keep writing such great instructions

  • Lilian Rich
    2 years ago

    I love that this is my first website to follow it is rich in content. Exactly how I was thinking of doing it like starting with free websites this is so perfect. Thank you so much.

    • All the best for you website! If you have any questions feel free to drop your comments.

  • Stefan Vogt
    2 years ago

    Hi, these are some very good tips on choosing a niche. I and I think many others have a hard time to decide what a website to write about.

    I like you say have already started with 4 different projects. Like this, I lost a lot of time which I could have used better if I had my perfect niche from the start.

    What topics do you think can be profitable niches?

    • Hello Stefan,
      My suggestion is, as a beginner one needs to go for the niche which they have interest and passion.
      These top 3 niches are the most profitable niche in 2018. You can subcategorize each one of them.
      1.Health- weight loss, diet, obesity for kids, stress management, etc
      2.Make money online niche – Work from home, part-time jobs, etc
      3.Dating Websites

  • Hey,

    Excellent article. It took me forever to decide on what niche I should go into, and then it hit me right in the face that Affiliate Marketing was all that I thought about and learned about so why not pass on that info to others. I didn’t realise that I had a passion for it.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work,


  • Heather
    2 years ago

    Thank you so much for your article. I loved the tip about trying many niches out and creating multiple free websites till you decide which niche is right for you. This is brilliant, as too many times you are agonizing over picking just the right niche, so nervous that you are making the wrong choice. Don’t worry, be happy, have fun and the niche will come. Great tips and advice for those just starting out.

  • Thanks for a clear and concise article. I didn’t have trouble finding a niche, but after reading your information I think that I really need to narrow it down before I can start making money from it. It’s too broad in scope and I do not ever think I can become an authority over the whole subject. So I will follow your advice. Many thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Andrew,
      Good to know you got a thought to narrow down and create authority on your niche. All the Best for your website!

  • Todd P Matthews
    2 years ago

    This is informative to anyone looking to begin a niche. I like the first four steps you’ve outlined, as they were around my own lines of thinking when I first started my own blog. Passion and trending are definite musts, as well as something that’s searched for often. I did this with both of my niche blogs and the third one I’m building content on to release soon follows this same pattern. Thanks again for the information you’ve provided.

  • A nice well-written article, it did take me forever to figure out my niche but I eventually got there and one piece of advice that resonated with me is choose your passion. As someone much wiser than me once said “if you work your passion you never work a day in your life”

  • Kahlua Gordin
    2 years ago


    Thanks for sharing and I appreciate how you have laid out the best way to choose a niche.

    Honestly, it’s intimidating at the start finding something you think you can write about a hundred times.

    And if you go through method 3 – the trial and error method instead of not doing anything with those posts you can sell them to a different site. Just a suggestion!


    • Hello Kahula,
      Yes selling the site is a great idea! Thank you.

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