Grammarly Review for Bloggers: Do you really need it?

Grammarly Review for Bloggers: Do you really need it?

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Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider

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Spell-check and Grammar correction tool for online writers


FREE membership

  • Monthly subscription costs $30 per month.
  • Quarterly subscription costs $20 per month
  • The annual subscription costs $12 per month
  • Grammarly Business for three members costs $12.50 / month/member


Best grammar correction and spell check tool that goes beyond assisting in brilliant confident writing.


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Grammarly Review for Bloggers

If you are an online writer or a blogger, your articles must be engaging, clear and error-free. You have only a few seconds to impress your readers.

Imagine you are writing a review post for an affiliate product. When your reader finds some silly typos or grammar mistakes, he might leave your site immediately without any second thought. You're leaving money on the table.

Your money post must be flawless to read. In business, there is no excuse for silly embarrassing spelling mistakes or simple grammar mistakes.

There are lots of online tools available to make sure your writing is fine and free from errors. Grammarly is one such incredible software that helps you to correct your mistake fast and with ease.

Grammarly was founded in 2009 with the motive to help people communicate effectively. They developed this tool for students to correct spelling and grammar mistakes. Later on, they saw the potential to help writing professionals.

Now Grammarly has become the evident tool for most of them. In this Grammarly review for bloggers, I will explain the features of this tool and how you get benefited from it.

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What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is the top online grammar correction, spell-checker and plagiarism tool. It is a powerful writing assistant that helps for engaging and flawless writing. It helps to fix errors quick and effortless.

With AI-powered technology, it go beyond spelling & grammar into complex aspects of the English language. Grammarly is available for both free and premium versions.

How to Use Grammarly?

There are two options to use Grammarly to review your writing.

Option 1: Use the app directly

Open the Grammarly app, copy and paste the entire article for spell check, proofreading, plagiarism and grammar mistakes.

You can also upload the Word document into Grammarly or write directly in the app and correct the mistakes there and then.

Option 2: Add Plugin

If you are a Windows user, you have to install the plugin. As you write in the document or the WordPress editor, you can correct the errors. This plugin is not available for Mac books.

How Grammarly Will Benefit Bloggers and Writers?

Will Grammarly make me a better writer?

Effective writing takes more than good grammar. Grammarly helps to find perfect words to express yourself. Suggestions for clarity focused sentence rephrase, enhancing choice of words makes you a confident writer. You can portray yourself as a brilliant professional writer.

Is Grammarly better for bloggers?

As a blogger, it is significant to engage your audience and make them take action. You need to grab the audience attention and keep them focused and involved throughout the article.

If you are struggling to express your intent and thoughts to your audience, Grammarly supports you with a tone detector. Strike the right tone and make the best impression with your writing.

How Grammarly improves SEO?

I know what you are thinking. Grammarly is not an SEO tool. But it helps you to deliver the article with clarity and readability.

With the help of a plagiarism checker, you can confirm your post is free from infringement.

As a proofreader, Grammarly assists in identifying grammar mistakes and provide suggestions in the sentence structure. It brings more authority and quality to your content. Thus, it helps to improve your SEO and boost your ranking.

Grammarly is the best writing tool that assists to write with clarity and strike the right tone for your readers.

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Grammarly Free Vs Premium

Basic Features


If you are a native or a non-native speaker, it doesn't matter. Grammarly assists you to eliminate grammar mistakes and provide real-time suggestions. It detects basic to advanced flaws and guides you to rectify them.


Sometimes the wrong punctuation gives a different meaning. Don't look dump with common punctuation mistakes. Grammarly eliminates it and makes your post-error-free.

Grammarly punctuation


It is a powerful spell-check tool that keeps your writing free from mistakes.

Concise writing

If you want to portray yourself as a flair writer, you should express in few words, clear and succinct. Grammarly guides you to make every sentence concise and easy to follow.

With free basic features, you can avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes, incorrect punctuation and avoid confusing grammar issues. With concise writing, tighten your loose phrases to become a better writer.

Grammarly Review concise writing

Grammarly Premium Version

Coming to Grammarly Premium, this has the more advanced features to make your writing extra clear.


If you are a freelance writer or a blogger plagiarism check is mandatory. As a content creator, your work has to be free from plagiarism. Grammarly does that for you. It compares your writing to billions of work done across the internet.

Tone Detector

The tone is the key to effective writing. The message you deliver to your audience can be friendly or authoritative.

The tone checker analyses your choice of words, phrases and even punctuation to identify your tone. When it doesn't sound the way you want, it adjusts your tone and steers the message in the right direction.

Grammarly Review Word Choice

Writing Style

Grammarly scans your writing and identifies the complex paragraphs and sentences. The sophisticated AI system proposes clear and correct language for the reader. It takes context into account when making corrections and suggestions. It makes your writing style better and improves as you write.

Grammarly Review writing style

Readability Score

When you write directly or paste your content on the Grammarly app, the readability score will be calculated on the right side. It tells your overall score and suggestions. This is my readability score before I correct all the mistakes.

Grammarly Review readability score

I corrected the mistakes as suggested. Since I don't have the premium version, I altered the sentences and words based on the issues mentioned. Now my readability score went from 63 to 99.

Grammarly has become my English trainer. With the help of the suggestions, I'm able to correct complex sentences and write concisely. I presume, with the premium version I can write still more confidently and take my writing to next level.

Grammarly Review readability score

Grammarly Suggestions

When you integrate your content into the editor, this proofreading tool underlines the grammar mistakes and gives detailed suggestions than the free version.

  1. Tone adjustment suggestions appear as purple underlines. When it finds any rude tone, it helps to find a more polite option.
  2. You can look for green underlines for engagement suggestions to replace dull vocabulary with more compelling words.
  3. Fluency suggestions help to identify the mix-up of the language. If you are a non-native speaker, this option is a boon.
  4. Formatting suggestion finds out the hard to go paragraphs and suggests bullet points instead.
  5. It also suggests restructuring the lengthy sentences to more understandable ones.

Grammarly suggestions make your writing incredibly convenient to deliver a clear and engaging message. However, it is up to you to apply all of them. Take a look and decide what to take and what to leave.

How Accurate and Effective Grammarly is?

Grammarly checker identifies all the mistakes and provides a detailed explanation for each problem. When you click on it, you get the solution for each one. It helps to identify

  • Correct pronoun usage
  • Overuse or wrong use of passive voice
  • Complex sentences
  • Correct usage of articles
  • Incorrect comma and hyphen usage
  • Repetitive words
  • Common spelling and grammar mistakes like apostrophes
  • Lengthy sentences and paragraphs and many more.

When you use this tool, you will be tempted to accept all the corrections to make your post error-free. It's not the case always.

If you know there is nothing wrong with the sentence or phrase, don't change it. Be confident with your writing and leave it as it is. Especially if you are a blogger, your communication should be conversational. You have to express your thoughts like you are speaking with your friend.

Grammarly is an incredible tool as a proofreader helps you write more confidently and deliver clear, engaging articles.

Where Can You Use Grammarly?

It works with apps and add-ons for Chrome, Outlook, Microsoft Word, Mac, iOS and Android.

  • Using the Grammarly Chrome extension, you can correct the short pieces on Social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and other mediums.
  • Proofread your articles on WordPress, blogger or any CMS platforms
  • Check and correct in Documents & Projects (Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Salesforce)
  • Correct your delicate emails before you send them to your customers or partners. (Gmail and Outlook)

I use a Chrome extension to correct short pieces in social media, emails then and there. However, I prefer to use the Grammarly page to proofread my articles before I publish them.

Who Can Use Grammarly?

Grammarly was started to help academic students and later on extended its support to professional writers. Grammarly helps both native or non-native speakers.

You can use it to make sure your articles, business writing, social media posts and books are accurate, mistake-free and easy to read. Those who can use Grammarly includes:

  1. Bloggers and Online writers
  2. Freelancers
  3. Content Marketers
  4. Copywriters
  5. Book authors
  6. School and College students
  7. Academic and thesis writers 
  8. Students who present scientific reports.
  9. Business professionals who want their business writings, emails and presentations to be accurate.
  10. Anyone who writes English online

How Much Does Grammarly Premium Cost?

Grammarly price options are as follows:

For Individuals,

  • Free version
  • A monthly subscription costs $30 per month.
  • Quarterly subscription costs $20 per month, billed as one payment of $60
  • The annual subscription costs $12 per month, billed as one payment of $144.

For Team,

Grammarly Business for three members costs $12.50 / month/member

You could always try the free version of Grammarly. To improve and write confidently premium version is incredibly convenient.

Grammarly Premium cost

My Final Opinion

Grammarly is the best tool to level up your communication. It assists write with clarity, enhance vocabulary and strike the right tone for your readers. It is an affordable writing tool that should belong to every blogger's toolkit. It brings your writing to its best.


Is the Grammarly tool free?

The basic version of the tool is free to use. You can use it to check grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. The free version also suggests writing more concisely. The premium version has additional options to level up your writing. A monthly subscription costs $30, but you can save money by paying annually.

Is paying for Grammarly worth it?

It's worth getting a premium version if you are going to write online forever. However, if you are on the budget, you can use the free version.

Is Grammarly easy to use?

Grammarly is simple to use. Open the app, copy-paste the article or write directly in the app. Correct the errors based on the suggestions. You can also install the add-ons to your browser.

What is the Grammarly cancellation policy?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. You must contact the support team to cancel. If you cancel after your subscription renewal date, you will not receive a refund for any amount that has been charged.

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Grammarly at a Glance

Product Name:



Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider

Product Type:

Spell-check and Grammar correction tool for online writers


FREE membership

  • Monthly subscription costs $30 per month.
  • Quarterly subscription costs $20 per month
  • The annual subscription costs $12 per month
  • Grammarly Business for three members costs $12.50 / month/member



Best grammar correction and spell check tool that goes beyond assisting in brilliant confident writing.

LEGIT and highly recommended for bloggers and online writers


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14 thoughts on “Grammarly Review for Bloggers: Do you really need it?

    • Author gravatar

      Thanks for sharing this review. You did a great job in listing all the advantages and details. I’ve been using the free version for a little while. I didn’t know about the Tone assist. I guess that is with the premium. I also like the idea of the plagiarism review.

      Good writeup. Thanks,

      • Author gravatar

        Hello Connie,
        Glad that you are using the Grammarly tool. I suppose the tone detector is an excellent option to improve your writing. It helps to set the tone and convey your message correctly to your audience. Upgrading to premium is definitely worth it because there are a lot of options including plagiarism and many more advanced options.

    • Author gravatar

      I use Grammarly all the time to check punctuation, grammar and plagiarism. I wouldn’t be without it. I upgraded and paid for a full years membership. Great post.

      • Author gravatar

        That’s awesome Yvonne! I’m sure Grammarly is extremely helpful to write better posts.

        • Author gravatar

          Hi Kavitha

          It is good to read this comprehensive information about a tool that is a great aid for writers writing in English.

          I use the free version and I find it to be effective enough. It may have limited features as compared to the premium ones, but it prompts you enough to come up with quality content.

          It helps with choosing the right words and phrases that make the writing more effective. The writer gets suggestions while writing, it is up to the writer to make a good decision. Sometimes, while writing one may not be able to get the tone and expression the way one wants it to be or the way it should be. In such times, Grammarly proves to be a big help.

          • Author gravatar

            Grammarly is a boon to writers. The free version covers most of the basic errors and helps to deliver better content. If you are an author, copywriter or writing content for the business you need to intensify your writing. The Premium version with more options like plagiarism checker, tone detector etc helps to bring exceptional content.

    • Author gravatar

      I’ve been using Grammarly for a while now and I love it. It’s a wonderful helper, not only for blogs but also for essays and stories I write in Word, and you can also use it for emails. I am using the free version and so far it seems to be enough for me. It helps me notice errors I may otherwise have missed.
      The paid version, however, looks great and is of course more complete. Perhaps one day I’ll try out the paid version.

      • Author gravatar

        The beauty of this tool is you can use it to correct emails and short pieces like social media posts. The free version of Grammarly covers all the basic ones needed for bloggers. As you said, the paid version assists better for writers and authors or those who need to take their writing to next level.

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Kavitha,
      Great review! A very detailed, honest and comprehensive description of this great tool. I use it daily in my work but only the free version for now. It works flawlessly. Before I started using it I thought I knew English pretty well. But Grammarly helped me perfect it much better. It is unthinkable for me to write posts without using it. By the way, the premium version is not too expensive. Can you just tell me is worth to take it? Is the difference between premium and free really that much that I would need it or free version is enough?
      Thanks and all the best!
      PS. I will definitely bookmarked this website.

      • Author gravatar

        Hi Danijela,
        Thanks for your comment.
        I would say Grammarly is my English trainer. Without its support, it’s impossible for me to write a better blog post. The free version covers all the basic errors. Actually, it shows all the errors in the text and provides solutions for only a few that is available in the free version. To get suggestions for the entire content and for advanced options like tone detector and many more you need the premium version. If you are satisfied with your existing writing style and the delivery free version is enough. If you want to level up your writing I suggest going for the paid one.

    • Author gravatar

      Hello Kavitha,

      I used Grammarly too and am a yearly subscriber! I really like how you presented this article and I agree it is really worth it. I especially love all the other tone detectors that you will unlock once you subscribe and the plagiarism checker. By using this amazing tool, I just write and write naturally without any concerns and Grammarly will do the rest, and in real time. I don’t have to hire a proofreader anymore.

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Kavitha,

      I am also using Grammarly, so I can vouch for everything you mentioned here in this post. It’s indeed the best virtual writing assistant that helps you express yourself clearly, communicate with impact, and present the best you every time you type. I cannot leave it when I write on my blog now. People should absolutely try Grammarly starting today. 🙂


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